The Splatoon 3 Splatfest has a bug, but Nintendo has a fix

The Splatoon 3 Splatfest has a bug, but Nintendo has a fix

Conch shells obtained before the vote may disappear.

A S Splatfest bug has been discovered, but the good news is that Nintendo has officially recognized it, and has provided a solution.

Here''s the full Nintendo rundown: A bug has been discovered in in which conch shells obtained before voting may disappear and will not count towards the Splatfest results. And here''s the temporary workaround: To avoid this issue, players should vote in the Splatfest before collecting conch shells.

So, breaking this down, you''ll basically want to choose your side in the Splatfest just before playing matches. After that, everything you earn will be above board. Nintendo notes that the bug will be fixed in the future, so thankfully its just for this particular Splatfest. This applies only to the event happening this weekend.

Nintendo can speak up about these issues promptly before they come to grips. Im looking forward to whatever long-term solution they have for Splatfest 4v2v2 Tricolor matches. If they can nail that, they will gain some leverage.

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