Three 4Chan articles claim to be DC leakers, and two of them must be wrong

Three 4Chan articles claim to be DC leakers, and two of them must be wrong

Insiders at DC Comics were leaking upcoming plans for the company to 4chan''s/co community. Instead three of them. Now the odds are all of them have to be wrong, by following some of Bleeding Cool''s other books, such as a Magical Crisis for 2023, and changing them with existing names. As well as some effective good ideas, though

Poster One:

  • New JL book written by Mark Waid and Geoff Johns, roster to consist of the legacy heroes originally intended for the 5G relaunch
  • JSA to be taken off of Geoff Johns and given to Brian Bendis, DC are apparently unsatisfied with the lack of progress Johns has had on the book despite requesting it
  • DC want to relaunch the Super Sons as an ongoing. Current plans are to use the continuity changes brought about by Dark Crisis to age Damian up to Jon
  • DC have noted the lack of audience enthusiasm to Tim and Jon''''s bisexual partners. Current plans are to make Tim a supporting character in Superman: Son of Kal-El and potentially make him Jon''''s new partner.
  • There is conflict between Tom Taylor and DC over audience reaction to his Nightwing run. The original plan was to have a wedding at #100 but DC have noted the lack of reader enthusiasm for Taylor''''s take on DickBabs and are moving to scuttle it as soon as possible. Current plans are to introduce a new male character for Babs to steadily fall in love with in Batgirls (nothing confirmed yet, but signs are pointing to it being Jason Todd), which will spill over to Nightwing where Barbara will call the wedding off
  • This will end with Batgirls being cancelled and a new Barbara Batgirl solo series being announced, written by Tini Howard. Becky and Cloonan are to be moved to an upcoming Teen Titans relaunch
  • 2023 to have a ''''Magic Crisis'''' event, a big crossover with all of DC''''s non creator-owned Vertigo properties. Event to be started with a one-shot titled "The Last Days of John Constantine" written by Si Spurrier. The one-shot will end with Constantine''''s death and start the crisis as all of the many demons he''''s made pacts with fight for his soul and it spills out into the world of the living. Zatanna, Swamp Thing and a newly resurrected Zatara are currently planned to be the leads.

Poster Two: A good try. It''s not all fake, however. Here are a few things I''ve learned about it:

  • Williamson is the next Justice League writer. It''''s the Future State line-up plus Barry Allen and Martian Manhunter representing the "old guard". He will also write an Arrow-family book.
  • Failsafe will paralyze Batman (yes, again) and take over Gotham. The Batfamily will step up to "recover" the city.
  • Phillip Kennedy Johnson is the next Green Lantern writer. Hal Jordan as the lead.
  • Bendis is out of DC.
  • About Dark Crisis: Green Arrow dies in issue #5. Beast Boy becomes the new Deathstroke. The entire DCU is consumed by the Great Darkness but Nightwing manages to rebuild it.
  • After what went down in Dark Crisis #7, Nightwing decides to propose to Barbara in Nightwing #100.
  • Tom Taylor is also the next Titans writer. It''''s a NTT reunion with the characters exploring the consequences of Dark Crisis. Hopeless will relaunch Teen Titans.
  • In Batman Vs Robin it''''s revealed Damian is a magical user. This will lead to a magic event in 2023 and him starring in a JLD relaunch by Waid. He is also relaunching Doom Patrol.
  • Thorne will relaunch Aquaman.
  • Stephanie Phillips is taking over Action Comics after PKJ leaves.

Please you people only scour CBR, comic twitter, and/or co/ for things that take the people off or make them happy.

  • most of the ongoings are keeping their writers
  • Taylor''''s Nightwing and SSOK, Adams'''' Flash, PKJ''''s Superman, Chip & Ram V''''s Batman and Tec, Ridley''''s I am Batman, etc.
  • Taylor on Justice League
  • We all hate him, but he is unfortunately one of DC''''s star writers right now and his books get a lot of press, good and bad, and DC wants eyes on their JL run after Bendis'''' massive flop. The lineup is the usual big 7 (Hal/Barry) + Green Arrow + Black Canary.
  • King and Gerads have pitched another 12 issue book for after Danger Street
  • No word on what character/franchise it is yet, but Riddler One Bad Day was sort of a stopgap for Gerads so he could get some more income before DC approved their pitch
  • Johns is being kept in his little corner of the DCU, has pitched LOSH book
  • JSA is a 12 issue book and when that is over Johns is planning on doing the same for LOSH. DC is happy Johns is writing for them again but they don''''t really trust him to write a full ongoing anymore.
  • Williamson on Titans
  • NTT lineup with Slade as a B plot, this is where most of the Dark Crisis fallout is going to happen, and Williamson/DC are going to try to push Titans as a premier team alongside JL.
  • Thorne on GL relaunch
  • It''''s John with the other human lanterns as side characters, except Hal as he will be the GL of Taylor''''s JL.
  • Waid has a fab five book in the worksis a spinoff of World''''s Finest, like Batman vs Robin.
  • DC is trying to find somebody to replace Stephanie Williams as Nubia''''s writer, as they do want Nubia to get another mini.
  • Legacy League has been teased in canon but I haven''''t heard rumors of who''''s writing a launch of that book yet or if it''''s a multiverse book or main earth book.
  • No word on an Aquaman relaunch as the two minis bombed really hard, so Arthur, Garth, and Jackson will likely just be regulated to JL, Titans, and Legacy League respectively.

So, is it a lot of fun? But, as Tom Taylor states, there is still a lot of discussion.

Is there anything I can actually direct contradict? Yes, I am told that Green Arrow does not die in #5, though previously BC said he loses an eye like Deathstroke. Perhaps we can throw Batman in to Atlantis for a few weeks to recover. Just so that you don''t leave empty-handed. Will that happen?

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