Part One of the Fortnite Paradise quests is now available

Part One of the Fortnite Paradise quests is now available

For Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, the narrative dilemma is posed by paradise quests.

The Reality Tree had begun disappearing in the island last Fortnite season, but the Scientist realized that there was something more dangerous afoot as members of The Seven started disappearing. Now The Herald, along with a mysterious chrome substance, have invaded the Island and, in an attempt to seek help, The Paradigm has disappeared through the Zero Point.

Below you will find all of the Fortnite Paradise quests listed, as well as what we currently know about them.

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Fortnite Paradise quests explained

The Fortnite Paradise quests will be published throughout Chapter 3 Season 4, which will last until the weekend, 3rd December.

The Paradise quests are divided into sections, each containing a variety of challenges.

Players were given a time limit (roughly a week) to complete Part One of the Paradise quests, and it remains to be seen if this is continued in the other Parts. If it is, and wish to follow Season 4''s storyline, then make sure you complete the quests before this deadline.

At the start of Chapter 3 Season 4, you needed to play between three to five matches for the Paradise quests to appear on your Quest Hub. At the time of writing, were confused about whether this was intended or a glitch.

Part Two will be released, but we will update this page when the next set of Paradise quests are released.

Fortnite Paradise quests Part One listed

In Part One, you will find all of the Fortnite Paradise quests.

It''s important to note that the Await further orders quests require you to launch a new match, so, if you want to go through these quests, you can just leave your actual match and enter a new one.


  • Prepare for Joness call on your next Bus Ride (1)
  • Reboot a computer at Seven Outpost II, V, or Synapse Station (1) - 32k XP
  • Establish a Device Uplink near the Reality Tree (1) - 32k XP
  • Find an odd Reality Tree Root (1) - 32k XP
  • Use The Device to record the bizarre sound at a Reality Tree Root (1) - 32k XP


  • Await further orders (1)
  • Use a computer at a Seven Research Lab to decode the recording (1) - 32k XP


  • Await further orders (1)
  • Destroy a car or truck to collect Electronic Parts (3) - 32k XP
  • Place all the parts of the translator setup near a Reality Tree Root (1) - 32k XP


  • Await further orders (1)
  • Talk to Blackheart about The Scientists notes (1) - 32k XP
  • Find and dig up The Scientists stolen research notes (1) - 32k XP
  • Eliminate an opponent with an EvoChrome Weapon (1) - 32k XP
  • Phase through Chrome structures (3) - 32k XP
  • Destroy Chrome objects, then collect Chrome Anomalies (5) - 32k XP


  • Await further orders (1)
  • Place the Chrome Anomaly in the test chamber at a Research Lab (1) - 32k XP
  • Approach the Control Panel and hit the red buttons as they appear and then Activate the holotable (1) - 32k XP


  • Await further orders (1)
  • Collect battle plans from a bunker (1) - 32k XP

The first thing you need to do is to create a vault key.


  • Await further orders (1)
  • Assist in defeating The Herald (1) - 32k XP


  • Await further orders (1)
  • Land on the Island (1) - 32k XP

In Fortnite, we will have a great week!

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