Red Rage Starter Deck in Dragon Ball Super CG Opening

Red Rage Starter Deck in Dragon Ball Super CG Opening

The new series block, called the, has been released a series of sets under an untitled block, which includes one Leader and a Z-Card. This week, I have all four Starter Decks to open for Bleeding Cool readers. First up, we have Zenkai-Starter Deck Red Rage.

These are the cards that are included in this deck:

  • Leader: Pan // Pan, Ready to Fight Returns
  • SS4 Son Goku, Defender of Life
  • Son Gohan, the Awakened
  • SS4 Son Goku, Senses Returned
  • Pan, Wisher of Miracles

This is a themed Starter Deck, with an Ultimate Gohan thrown in there as well as his Kai outfit. This is one of the visually significant entries in this Zenkai-Starter Deck series, with both the Pan Leader and the SS4 Goku Z-Card looking good. My criticism of this product is from a collector''s perspective. We have two cards, but only one Leader, and many buyers want to use both sides in a binder.

Finally, this product has a Zenkai Start Pack. I''ve gotten the Videl, which I''ve already received, so far.

The rest of the cards in this product are non-foil common cards from other sets. For collectors, the only real draw is the Zenkai Start Pack, which has five new cards. It''s worthwhile the purchase, but only one.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for additional previews and decks.

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