TactiCon is a new strategy festival going on Steamtoday

TactiCon is a new strategy festival going on Steamtoday

TactiCon, a new festival that runs from today until September 26th, is being organized by Hooded Horse, the publisher of Old World, and Firesquid, the publisher of Great Houses Of Calderia. Watch the trailer below to get an idea of what''s featured in the festival.

Tacticon is launching a 115 range of strategy and tactics games, from large studios to solo indies. However, if you like strategy, then you will probably stumble across something of interest. TactiCon is attempting to include a broad spectrum of topics within strategy gaming: deckbuilders, RTS, 4X, and turn-based. The whole list of games is available here.

During the event, you may expect a number of Steam fest demos and discounts, including discussions. Examples of these include designing a co-op multiplayer deckbuilding game, developing narrative experiences in strategy games, and the difficulties associated with designing a games core loop. Check out the whole schedule here.

As Graham said earlier this week, the TactiCon festival is being run alongside another event, Steam Bash Bash. That''s all about hack-and-slash and character action games. Steam Bash is ending the same day as TactiCon. We are only a week and a bit away from another Steam Next Fest, which should start on October 3rd and run until the 10th. Phew, it''s a lot of events in short order.

TactiCon closes today, September 22nd, and ends on the 26th. More information is available on the TactiCon website.

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