In MultiVersus, Harley Quinn will be struck with the nerf mallet

In MultiVersus, Harley Quinn will be struck with the nerf mallet

Dats not fay-rrrrreeee!

Warner Bros. Interactives madcap brawler might only be in its pre-release stages, but already players and developers are aware that some members of its colorful roster are just a little too handy with the foul fouls, and are currently on The List to receive a good old-fashioned nerfing.

Director Tony Huynh has noted that four individuals, including Harley Quinn, who is joined by heroes Finn and Jake, and the original character Do not Steal Reindog, are getting more penalties. Huynh also notes that this quartet will receive larger punish windows, which one would expect will be easier to counter when they whiff their zany attacks.

This is certainly the bottom of the iceberg, and it is likely to see a ton of adjustments as it progresses from Alpha to Beta, and from Beta to Launch. Along with character balance updates, developer Player First Games will also be focusing on fixing bugs, improving stability, tweaking matchmaking, and other elements that make up the core requirements of any successful fighting game.

While it is putting itself into a defying market, the closed alpha has demonstrated promise, even hooking in a group of non-fighting game players. It''s a star-studded slapfest, which is sure, and I''m looking forward to following the titles progress toward its next release in 2022.

It is currently working on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. If you saw this weekend alpha, then please let us know in the comments, and make sure to check out our own CJ Andriessen impressions right here.

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