Round Two of Rob Liefeld's Vs. Don Simpson The Splitting Image Years

Round Two of Rob Liefeld's Vs. Don Simpson The Splitting Image Years

Don Simpson, the creator of and publisher of a Rob Liefeld variant, which was covered by Bleeding Cool, seemed to surprise Don Simpson by posting "The social media echo chamber!" (Guess I can''t take back my remarks today!) and saying "C''mon, if this is the most significant thing happening in comics, it proves my point! It''s passed, baby!"

These statements come back to the beginning. We begin on Twitter back in the midst of the pandemic times, when Jim Rugg promoted his cartoonist Kayfebe interview with Rob Liefeld in June 2020.

"In the early 90s, young @robertliefeld set the comics world on fire!" Jim Rugg says of his upcoming in APAs, New Mutants, X-Force, Extreme, Alan Moore, and his GIJoe comic Snake Eyes.

"Dudes, until you interview Larry Marder, you haven''t even scratched the surface of Image Comics history. (Fanboys YEESH!) @larrymarder

"Oof. Don''t be surprised to hear that Rob is still a dumpster fire, frauding Kickstarter and indiegogo for seven years now, and still not giving up on what he promised, but paid upfront."

"Still?! Historic Footnote": #1-2 were two of the only issues ever to come in on time, and Extreme Studios sat on them so long they became returnable. Figure $50k-$100k lost, no accounting, and worst coloring I''ve ever seen; thank God JVal put it right 25 years later." Jim Valentino, there.

The publisher was a two-issue comic series published by Image Comics in 1993, the year after it was established. It included versions of all the major Image Comics teams, but ended with other original Megaton Man/normalman specials. In 2017, Image gave an 80-Giant Special, along with the Normalman/Megaton Man special, which is especially important.

Because two years ago, Rob Liefeld provided a quote to Don Simpson, which was then deleted;

Don Simpson published those brief criticisms of a Rob Liefeld cover that went viral on Facebook. Afterward, Rob Liefeld replied, sub-posting on Facebook: "Comic Book Facebook Drama Alert!!! I can''t do anything about it. What I can do is share the last interaction that I had with him back in 2016. It''s very simple and straightforward, but this is the same as the rants.

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