Solium Infernum, a Cult-classic strategy gem, is returned by Armello's creators

Solium Infernum, a Cult-classic strategy gem, is returned by Armello's creators

Better to rule in Hell

League of Geeks, the main antagonist, is stepping into the vault and returning a cult-classic. The studios next title is a reimagining of, a political strategy game that pit would-be rulers against each other for the greatest seat in Hell.

Although the Victor Davis strategy game was initially released in 2009, it didn''t receive a lot of attention. However, some of the most specific journalists and blogs that attended the summit, along with a long series like one from Rock Paper Shotgun, dove deep into politics and strategy, finding a lot to enjoy.

The League of Geeks is revamping its nuts and bolts ofand. Major parts are staying the same: their turn-based strategy game is where two to four players take on the role of Archfiends, vying for the throne of Pandaemonium after the Prince of Darkness has disappeared.

players are all taking turns simultaneously. So each person submits their moves, and the turn plays out. This is because players will be able to play in asynchronous matches. So you might theoretically host a match once a day, examining what happened and how much move you would like to.

A new kind of Hell

I got to take a hands-off look at the in-development game, seeing what the crew is doing with it. The first big difference is the visual overhaul. Everything has been given a major graphical tweak, bringing the characters into 3D, and given polish that you might expect from theteam.

In negotiation screens, the Archfiends shoot and engage you. The board is a substantial waste of potential and disgrace. Art adorning big moments is absolutely stunning.

League of Geeks is expanding on some ideas as well. Legions, groups on the board that may make a huge difference, are one component of the original game. However, some legions have been transformed into titans, giving them a massive presence on the board. Compared to the appearance of the 2009 game, its a huge difference, though League of Geeks has also tried to retain the sense and ideas behind it. In other instances, some things have been streamlined or merged.

We need it to not be a remake or a remaster, according to League of Geeks co-founder Trent Kusters. Were not up-rezzing the graphics or making the original game. It''s completely new to the first one because we love it. It''s our own reboot and reimagining.

I was already on board.captures the spirit of smuggling friends, saying one thing, and doing another, as every seat at the table vies for one trophy. Archfiends have this malevolent life to them, and the idea of adopting different schemes to follow certain goals sounds like it might make campaigns a pleasure to return to.

The price of ambition

The originaldid that League of Geeks is striving to keep, while still giving them a different mark on it. Now, after picking the IP up from Davis, the goal is to give more players a chance to discover what they have captured other players.

This is one of two projects currently underway at League of Geeks, where the team is developing an unanswered game for PC in 2023. It''s a fantastic meeting point for a cult-classic strategy game developer. Find it on Steam to wishlist here.

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