Anne Rice Answers to Adapt Questions in an Interview With The Vampire Special

Anne Rice Answers to Adapt Questions in an Interview With The Vampire Special

Yesterday, we shared the most recent teaser for Showrunner Rolin Jones, which highlighted the "family dynamics" between Sam Reid (Lestat De Lioncourt), Jacob Anderson (Louis De Point Du Lac), and Bailey Bass (Claudia). Besides, this special made a lot of sense for viewers. Like how this will not be a direct, one-for-one teaser to the novel, although it is also a way to draw the other stories into focus. AMC has now gotten the chance to check

Eric Bogosian (Daniel Malloy), newcomer Kalyne Coleman as Grace, Christian Robinson() as Levi, Assad Zaman () as Rashid, and Maura Grace Athari () are also stars in the series (currently live-streaming as we''re writing this).

Here''s a look back at the official trailer for AMC''s (premiering on October 2nd), followed by the most recent released teaser:

A luxury apartment that was completely covered in a high rise. Where the Vampire has granted the interview with the man he once considered to be unworthy. And where journalist Daniel Molloy has erupted for a second chance at the interview that erupted 40 years earlier.

Interview with The Vampire, based on Anne Rice''s iconic novel, follows Louis''s powerful story of love, blood, and immortality as told to journalist Daniel Molloy. Chafing at life limitations as a black man in 1900''s New Orleans, Louis discovers it impossible to resist Lestat''s offer of the ultimate escape: joining him as his vampire companion.

Louis''s ill-intentional new powers come with a reasonable price, and Lestat''s newest fledgling, the child vampire Claudia, is soon embarking on a decades-long journey of revenge and atonement. A sensuous, contemporary reincarnation of Anne Rice''s controversial gothic novel

They''re a happy family.

@Immortal_AMC premieres on AMC+ on October 2nd. #InterviewWithTheVampire

AMC+ (@AMCPlus) will be announced on September 21, 2022.

The seven-episode debut season of AMC will begin production sometime this fall, as well as by Mark Johnson and Christopher Rice, who plays alongside him. AMC''s deal includes 18 titles across the "The Vampire Chronicles" and "The Lives of the Mayfair Witches" book series, including: and Johnson will lead AMC''s efforts to create the full Rice collection for television and streaming. Alan Taylor, who is also on the lead.

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