Fight Comics #1, in Fiction House, is out for auction

Fight Comics #1, in Fiction House, is out for auction

The first caption for the 1940''s from Fiction House reveals that only three nations have arrived from the great war of 1939 Russmany, who was ruler of all Europe and all Africa; Mongo, the kingdom holding Asia and the orientation; and Greater America, a powerful and rich nation, which includes both the continents of North and South America, nevertheless, at last agree to a truce. America is the rich prize they covet, and their two dictators ruthlessly plot to undermine America with their in

The story of immediately follows with Russmany''s leader drawing to look like Hitler''s pledged to march on America, while his fellow dictator notes that they must confront America''s government with propaganda and spies first. This is exactly the start of the fight in.

Fiction House, a pulp publisher, was established in 1921. It was also a relatively early entrant in comics'' Golden Age with, which came five months after Superman in was a hit, but the notion that the successful title had a similar meaning to their flagship pulp title must have stung. After launching the comic book titles, Fiction House had a reputation for success.

The pulp series was launched by the publisher in 1928, with a focus on boxing stories. This particular issue, however, was a notable departure from the beginning. Although the comic book did make a nod to its pulp roots with a lot of boxing content like Kayo Kirby. However, there was no doubt that this was a general adventure comic book. After America officially entered WWII, more clear superheroes were added to the roster.

In the run-up to this auction, you may take a look at the story''s superhuman character, which was wearing a couple of trunks. However, the series soon evolved with its era, and there are a (Fiction House, 1940) CGC FN-5.5 Cream to off-white pages and other items of the series up for auction. In the meantime, please take a look at the link below for details.

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