What you didn't know about the EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing star, according to James Bye

What you didn't know about the EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing star, according to James Bye

This week, we take back to our screens, and every week, we''ll see James Bye joins the same old celebrity lineup.

The actor, who was named the 14th contestant competing for the coveted glitterball trophy in, is best known for playing market stall owner Martin Fowler in the BBC soap, a role which he has played since 2014.

Following in the footsteps of previous stars including Maisie Smith, Emma Barton, Jake Wood, and, of course, the current reigning champion, Rose Ayling-Ellis, James admits to having three young kids laugh at his dad''s dancing has said: "It''s an honor to be asked."

You may not know a few things about James Bye...

Hes a Basingstoke boy

James Edward Bye was born on 23rd April 1984, making him a Pisces. He was brought up in Basingstoke and went to The Hurst School in Baghurst before attending Queen Mary''s College.

His first television appearance included an episode of a police drama back in 2006, followed by a bit part credited as Tough Guy in Club in a comedy film starring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchants 2010.

Jamess roles include playing John Daley in the play, and Pete the Killer in. Then in 2014 came the call that changed Jamess life when he was offered the role of barrow boy Martin Fowler in.

He is the third actor to play Martin Fowler in EastEnders.

Martin Fowler is a noted performer of the Squares since August 1985, having been the first baby born on the soap. He was initially played by Jon Peyton-Price until 1996, then James Alexandrou took over the role and remained a regular until his retirement in February 2007.

After a seven-year absence, the actors decided to reintroduce Martin and recast James to play him.

Although he was asked to cut off his beard prior to filming so it wasnt so easy to jump from the old Martin to the new one, James insists he was encouraged to make the role his own. At the time, he revealed, saying, "Hes your character now, do what you want with him."

He''s fantastic co-stars with EastEnders fans.

On this December, James'' eight-year anniversary will come to a close, and during that time hes forged significant friendships with several of his co-stars.

According to the off-screen James is close friends with Davood Ghadami (who played Kush Kazemi) and Lacey Turner (aka Stacey Slater). In fact, he and his wife Victoria requested them to be godparents to their youngest son, Hugo.

After Hugos'' baptism in early 2020, James shared: "I have worked with Lacey and Davood pretty much every day and we get together even outside of work." We have grown so close, to the point where I would call them family rather than friends.

He met his wife in a supermarket car park

With his wonderful wife, Victoria, James has just celebrated ten years of wedded happiness. Their couples love story began 16 years ago when they first met in the not-so-glamorous building of a Sainsburys car park.

James, who was working on a promotional offer at the time, provided Victoria with a fruit jelly, and he was talking to her on a date to a local pub. And as they said, the rest is history!

Victoria''s 40th birthday coincided with the filming of the launch show, but James made it through a gleeful message to his soulmate on Instagram, declaring that he couldn''t wait to remember her. Aww.

James Bye''s message (@jimmybye) has been shared (opens in a new tab).

A photo of a photo on Twitter is posted.

He''''s a devoted dad

James and Victoria are proud parents to three daughters Edward, Louis, and Hugo, and they regularly share photos of their families days out with their adorable trio. Jamess Instagram posts show he is just a big kid at heart, and loves kissing strangers, having lightsaber fights, living room discos, and pretending to be a kid.

When it came to Hugo''s birth, James revealed he jumped into the birthing pool to catch his son in the world. Being the first to hold Hugo made me so happy.

He''''s had a go at being a gameshow host

Yes, you read that correct. James was the host of a 10-part weekly game show that was aired on the YouTube channel and Facebook page last year.

The EastEnd Defenders and The Walford Warriors joined two teams of cast members in a heated conversation, testing their games and competing in a series of misgivings.

James, who looked the part in the Pearly King encrusted jacket, was clearly in his role as the question master. In a conversation with The Mirror (opens in a new tab) on the gig, the actor admitted it had given the cast a great opportunity to show their fans what theyre like in real life.

James Byes fact file

Frequently asked questions about the actor...

James Bye, 38, has been born. He was born on 23rd February 1984.

James has been married to wife Victoria since April 2012.

Three young children Edward, Louis, and Hugo are parents of James and Victoria.

James was born in Hampshire, Basingstoke.

James is on the verge of becoming a 6-foot-1.

Instagram: @jimmybye (opens in a new tab)

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