'I want my sons to see anything' James Bye on Strictly Come Dancing!

'I want my sons to see anything' James Bye on Strictly Come Dancing!

As 15 celebrities prepare to make their debuts, it''s time to spray on that tan and shine those dancing shoes.

On Friday night, Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman meet again as our famous faces discover out which of the shows professional dancers they will be waltzing, jiving, and quick-stepping.

Matt Goss, Ellie Simmonds, and actor James Bye, among those hoping to get caught up in the game...

"I''m doing it mostly because I want my three children to see that, in life, anything''s achievable. They all laugh at me when I''m dancing around the kitchen, and they believe that daddy being on telly dancing will be the funniest thing they''ve ever seen."

"I''ve just lost out to these dancers that they have the natural skill that they can do. I believe I can just about complete the steps and then we can then try and add some character into it. But I have no real dance training at all, so it may take me longer to pick stuff up. But I''ll give it everything. "

"Rose Ayling-Ellis''s journey was one of the greatest inspirational things I''ve ever seen on television. Seeing Rose come out of herself to do what she did on the show was incredible. Rose told me to embrace every minute and enjoy it. Jake Wood offered me a lot of advice about preparing for the launch night."

"I like the more intense dances like the Argentine Tango and Paso Doble, where you really get to play a character." I believe my brain wants to do Latin, but my body wants to do ballroom!"

"Spray tans and sequins are far from my normal everyday life playing Martin Fowler, selling bananas and apples in my filthy clothes on the market in Walford, where im enjoying all of the different costumes and playing different parts."

"It''s a huge commitment," says one show''s manager, who has been very helpful in putting my narratives down to make sure Im given the chance to do the best I can on. "I think I''d be mad not to throw away the glitterball if I can beat Rose, but I''m not bothered where I get it."

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