Who plays Jeffrey Dahmer? Who's Who in Netflix's Dahmer series

Who plays Jeffrey Dahmer? Who's Who in Netflix's Dahmer series

Netflix has arrived, and fans around the country are tuning in to learn more about the notorious serial killer throughout the 10-part series.

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 people with his crimes including necrophilia, cannibalism, the permanent preservation of body parts, child molestation, indecent exposure, and disorderly conduct, which resulted in him being sentenced to life in prison.

These horrifying events have been channeled in Netflix''s new, which was created by "Rapid Murphy," and which now has a large cast.

Read on to see more about the cast of the Jeffrey Dahmer series...

Who plays Jeffrey Dahmer?

Evan Peters plays Jeffrey Dahmer in Seasoned horror films. He''s probably already met Ryan Murphy before on a number of seasons. In the horror anthology, he''s played roles such as Tate Langdon in, Kit Walker in, and Jimmy Darling in.

Evan has played Quicksilver in the X-Men film series and played Warren Lipka in the background, so he has had a whole lot of career as well as horror roles.

Evan said: "We had one rule going into this from Ryan Murphy that it would never be told from Dahmers'' point of view. Youre not really liking him. Youe not really acknowledging his guilt. Youe not actually seeing it from the outside," he said.

Michael Learned as Catherine Dahmer

Catherine Dahmerwas Jeffrey''s grandmother, whom he was forced to live with following arrest for fordrunk and disorderly conduct. She appeared to be the only family member he ever met who was there to support her, as he accompanied her to church, did chores, and followed house regulations. She was also a significant part of his life.

She''s played by Michael Learned, who is best known for playing Olivia in the long-running CBS drama series she won three Emmys for. She has also appeared in films such as and.

Richard Jenkins as Lionel Dahmer

Lionel Dahmer is Jeffrey''s father, although little is known about their father-son relationship, according to some sources. Jeffrey was deprived of attention as an infant, while others suggested that he was generally doted upon. Despite his crimes, he is now retired and has professed his love for his son.

Richard Jenkins takes on this role in the series, and fans will no doubt recognize him from film roles such as, and.

Molly Ringwald as Shari Dahmer

Shari Dahmer was Jeffrey''s stepmother and his second wife, Lionel. Both have been linked to Jeffrey''s surname despite Jeffrey''s crimes, and she was reportedly supportive of Lionel and Jeffrey when she married into the family. Not much else is known about Shari.

Molly Ringwald, who is known for roles in television shows, plays her.

Shaun J Brown as Tracy Edwards

Tracy Edwards is a prominent character in Jeffrey Dahmer''s case, as he managed to escape his apartment and draw attention to what was going on. Jeffrey grabbed Tracy at a local pub, handcuffed one of his hands, told him to leave the room and pose for photos, as well as threatening him with a knife. In 1991, Tracy was arrested and sentenced to a state court.

Shaun J. Brown is renowned for playing the main role of Mason in as well as Daniel Young in Hulu''s series.

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