This week, a seamless co-op mod from Elden Ring is in beta

This week, a seamless co-op mod from Elden Ring is in beta

No more awkward post-fight goodbyes

A new mod is going into beta this week, aiming to ensure co-op stays beyond the fog door. LukeYuis'' seamless co-op mod is going into public beta. On May 27.

Yes,does already support co-op. However, it is limited to certain areas and generally believes it is intended to address bosses or difficult areas rather than exploring the Lands Between together. The seamless co-op model forcould change that.

The LukeYuis mod, which is shown off in a video, allows players to ride their horses, receive shared rewards from great enemies, and participate in PvP. Even if the host dies, they may spectate the other player.

The mod will be available on NexusMods on May 27. No indications have been made about how long it will stay up. However, several alpha testers will also be streaming the co-op action. In the mods trailer description, you can see the Twitch links.

The Fellowship of the

The idea that, if this mod is running well, players might co-op substantial amounts of. Although the drop-in co-op works right now, it is really only for spurts. Being able to operate the entire area or just explore together is something other.

There are already plenty of neat mods. Some allow you to summon bosses, or even notorious boss-killers. One project is trying to introduce FromSoftwares to the realm of virtual reality. Another was the hardware route, making a Fisher-Price controller work with.

It''s safe to sayis one of the years greatest releases. As time rolls on, I''m interested in seeing more of what fromSoft has achieved. And letting me and three of my friends engage in jolly co-op adventures is certainly a good thing.

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