Rewards for Modern Warfare 2: How to Scale Up Fast in Modern Warfare2

Rewards for Modern Warfare 2: How to Scale Up Fast in Modern Warfare2

Is it possible to learn how to level up in Modern Warfare 2 as quickly as possible? Infinity Ward is considering releasing the most recent Call Of Duty game on the world, and players of the Modern Warfare 2 beta will no doubt want to spend a lot of time with the game.

Modern Warfare 2, which has introduced weapons platforms, receiving receivers, and other modifications along with the revamped Gunsmith system, will demonstrate what these changes really mean for you. Below, you''ll get a list of all rank progression rewards and some helpful tips for increasing your rank quickly.

So whether you''re looking to upgrade your favourite weapon as quickly as possible or you just want to unlock everything Modern Warfare 2 has to offer, check on the following to see what you need to know.

Gunsmith and Receivers Explain the progression in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 has brought back the beloved Gunsmith system from the recent Call Of Duty games, but with some major differences. Weapon Platforms are a common skill in Modern Warfare 2.

Each Weapon Platform is made up of a few different weapons. After learning just the first weapon unlocked in a Platform, you may unlock later weapons.

Attachments are divided over several weapons within a Platform, and with the Gunsmith you can add up to five attachments across eight attachment slots, similar to those used in earlier Call of Duty games. However, once you''ve unlocked more than one pistol within the same Weapon Platform, you may also switch out the gun''s Receiver - basically the base gun frame - to one of the other guns within the Platform.

In Modern Warfare 2, you may make weapons more easily on the fly, then select the weapon you like and then use the Receiver to the Lachmann Sub.

How to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2

If you want to scale up both your guns and your rank as quickly as possible, here are a few things you can do to increase your progress. In Modern Warfare 2:

All Modern Warfare 2 rank progression rewards

The full list of all rank progression rewards available in Modern Warfare 2, from Level 30:

RankRank progression reward
1"Assault" loadoutCare Package (Killstreak)
2"Smashed It" Emblem
3"First Blood" Sticker
4Perks unlockedCustom loadouts unlocked
5Mortar Strike (Killstreak)
6Counter UAV (Killstreak)"First Taste" Calling Card
7Stealth Bomber (Killstreak)Kastov-74U (Assault Rifle)
8Loadout Drop (Field Upgrade)Stun Grenade (Tactical Equipment)
9Bomb Drone (Killstreak)Smoke Grenade (Tactical Equipment)
10Portable Radar (Field Upgrade)Drill Charge (Lethal Equipment)
11Sentry Gun (Killstreak)SAKIN MG38 (LMG)
12Tactical Insertion (Field Upgrade)X13 Auto (Handgun)
13Chopper Gunner (Killstreak)Battle Rage (Field Upgrade)
14Juggernaut (Killstreak)
15Tear Gas (Lethal Equipment)Side Impact (Handgun)
16Wheelson-HS (Killstreak)Lachmann-762 (Battle Rifle)
17Recon Drone (Field Upgrade)Medical Syringe (Tactical Equipment)
18Cluster Mine (Killstreak)
19C4 (Lethal Equipment)"Vinyl_001" Sticker
20Throwing Knife (Lethal Equipment)Signal 50 (Sniper Rifle)
21VTOL Jet (Killstreak)"Safety First" Sticker
22Smoke Airdrop (Field Upgrade)PILA (Launcher)
23Emergency Airdrop (Killstreak)Lockwood Mk2 (Marksman Rifle)
24Suppression Mine (Field Upgrade)Snapshot Grenade (Tactical Equipment)
25Precision Airstrike (Killstreak)Fennec 45 (SMG)
26Molotov Cocktail (Lethal Equipment)
27Advanced UAV (Killstreak)Claymore (Lethal Equipment)
28Heartbeat Sensor (Tactical Equipment)JOKR (Launcher)
29Overwatch Helo (Killstreak)Anti-Armor Rounds (Field Upgrade)
30Gunship (Killstreak)Dead Silence (Field Upgrade)

This guide to rank and gun progression in Modern Warfare 2, and how to level up early. If you''re looking for a deeper understanding of which guns are most worth ranking up early on, then check out our list of the best pistols in Modern Warfare 2. You can also check out our list of Modern Warfare 2 Perks to help keep your life alive and earning XP for as long as possible.

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