In Modern Warfare2, how do you slide cancel?

In Modern Warfare2, how do you slide cancel?

Do you want to know how to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2? In this new Call Of Duty series, it was claimed in the early days of the Modern Warfare 2 beta event that slide cancellation was impossible. However, as we now know, that''s not true.

Modern Warfare 2 has several methods to slide cancel, one of which is because it requires more inputs and it is impossible to slide cancel out of a tactical Sprint, but it''s certainly better than nothing.

Below are a few of the most significant slides to cancel, so you may choose the best one for your needs and get the split second advantage over your opponents in all of your Modern Warfare 2 matches.

How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2

In Modern Warfare 2, there are a few options to slide cancel, but here''s the most straightforward one. Perform the following actions in a few steps:

If you execute these actions in the correct sequence as quickly as possible, then you''ll be able to use your weapon for a fraction of a second sooner than if you completed the slide normally. In a game with a so little time to kill, that fraction of a second is absolutely necessary.

It''s also worth noting that you can only slide cancel out of a regular sprint, rather than a Tactical Sprint. Instead, you''ll do a dive. This applies to any of the methods listed in this guide.

Once you''ve done this, you may slide cancel at any time: first enter your keybind/controller settings and modify the Weapon Mount Activation setting to "ADS."

In Modern Warfare 2, this method of slide cancelling only requires two inputs after sliding. However, it comes with a significant drawback - even when you''re not trying to slide cancel, anytime you ADS near a mountable object you''ll attach yourself to it. This is very dissuading and enough of a drawback to discourage most players from using this method.

The first and second methods should be changed. Instead, use this settings to "Double-Tap ADS." You may slide cancel by performing these actions:

If you like ADS rather than ADS, then you might fall in love with it. The downside is that involving weapon mount in any way leaves you open to being caught on any nearby mountable terrain while you''re trying to slide. It shouldn''t happen often (unlike the previous method), but it may still happen.

The next version of Modern Warfare 2''s slide cancellation is similar to the second one, because it does not involve Weapon Mounting at all.

Instead, you begin with your secondary weapon (i.e. your pistol) equipped, and then reverse the slide by following the steps:

This technique does not seem to be as straightforward or as the other methods above, so I would''t recommend using it, however, it''s helpful to know that it does exist.

In Modern Warfare 2, you can select your favourite one and get practicing! Check out our Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout guide for a sturdy early weapon, or our free primer on how to level up fast before the beta closes.

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