On The Masked Singer US, who is Hummingbird?

On The Masked Singer US, who is Hummingbird?

Season 8 of the program has officially begun, indicating that fans have begun putting their investigative skills to work. Hummingbird is one of the most year-high sports stars.

Although the guy behind the costume tried their best to stand out among the competitors and slam viewers, it seems that the Hummingbirds stint on the series will be short-lived as they lost out on viewers in week one. Along with Hedgehog and Knight,

So, who is Hummingbird on Season 8? Here''s what we know.

On The Masked Singer US, who is Hummingbird?Song selections

Hummingbird decided to sing the Gavin Degraws hit song "I Don''t Want to Be." While the song was once the theme song for the popular coming-of-age drama, many are familiar with it. However, the excitement they received from the audience is certainly admirable. Take a look.

In The Masked Singer US, who is Hummingbird?Explain the Truth

As Hummingbirds dealt with the clue package, the first clue was given, showing, "competition is in my DNA," while standing on a soccer field. Besides, Hummingbird explained that they "formated a patriotic team that felt like family." A football cleat and two candy Ring Pops were all shown as Hummingbird declared dominating the Super Bowl.

In order to determine who Hummingbird is, check if you can combine the answers.

In The Masked Singer US, who is the Hummingbird?Theories

The answers to week one have not come as a surprise that many fans have limited their opinions to the NFL world. From Tom Brady to Patrick Mahomes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers'' quarterback, to Eli Manning, Hummingbird is a current or former football player.

With that said, there is a concern of audience members that Hummingbird is NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick.

@MaskedSingerFOX hummingbird might be @TomBrady, who requested Wednesday''s departure from team meetingsSeptember 22, 2022

My Guesses for Season 1 of The Masked Singer:Harp: Amber RileyHummingbird: Patrick Mahomes/Aaron Rodgers/Tom BradyHedgehog - James Van Der BeekKnight - Bobby Bones pic.twitter.com/1pnSAZurBzSeptember 19, 2022

I know that Eli Manning is the hummingbird on the Masked Singer; my guess is trueSeptember 22, 2022.

Brady is the Hummingbird. It''s so simple. I wish I could wager on this. Biff''s newspaper from Back to the Future is much easier than Biff''s September 22, 2022.

Tom Brady, the Hummingbird, is still alive, but I''m still hoping to get the Hummingbird! #TheMaskedSingerFOX @kenjeongSeptember 22, 2022

@IamCKirkpatrick, that hummingbird is. Im telling you, it''s him. @MaskedSingerFOXSeptember 22, 2022

Patrick Mahomes is believed to be the Masked Singer''s Hummingbird, according to me.September 22, 2022

The hummingbird on the masked singer sounds so good! Now everyone knows it''s him - his voice is so distinct. He can''t hide it. I hope he stays there!September 22, 2022

Jenny McCarthy, assuming Hummingbird is either singer Rob Thomas or Uncle Cracker, and Robin, a retired NFL player, Deion Sanders and Ken Jeong offered the hints of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

On Fox, watch Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT. New episodes will be available the next day. On Hulu

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