Season 11 Episodes andBTS Images are shared by AMC. The Walking Dead: AMC Part 3

Season 11 Episodes andBTS Images are shared by AMC. The Walking Dead: AMC Part 3

We''re less than two weeks away from the beginning of Season 11, Part 3, so we''re keeping an eye on Season 11, Part 3, as well as a number of universe-expanding spinoffs. AMC''s for the moment, we''ll get to a few more in just a few minutes, but we''ll keep our focus on Season 11, Part 3, as well as other episodes. We''ll also have an impressive new set of preview images for the season, including S11E17 "Lockdown"

Here''s a look at some fantastic behind-the-scenes photos from filming on the last episodes:

An even greater force is imposing on every individual member of each community following the attack of hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside. It''s a race against the clock to keep alive and extract people who live in the Commonwealth before Hornsby can execute his revenge.

Connie''s article has caused more chaos than planned. Instead, the Milton''s desire to live a better, less equal, may put everyone at jeopardy. With the enormous debt our group has and no other viable place to live, simply leaving has never been an option. However, staying will only result in further suffering, however. The Commonwealth''s heroes are also ticking.

Threats lurk around every corner as each group develops into uncontrollable situations. Pressure is cresting toward a day of reckoning for everyone. Will the sum of their individual journeys combine into one, or divide them forever? The struggle for a future continues to be exasperated by the ominous number of walkers. Not all will survive, but for some, the walking dead lives on.

Daryl and Negan return to the Commonwealth for help in combating Sebastian''s crimes. Pamela receives help from Rosita, who is battling a swarm. Directed by Greg Nicotero and written byJulia Ruchman

Carol and Pamela have agreed to wipe the slate clean on behalf of her friends. Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Elijah get on the road to Oceanside, hoping to fulfill their dreams. The Commonwealth is celebrating Founders Day. Directed by Jeffrey F. January and written by: Corey Reed and Kevin Deiboldt

Thanks to an EW profile that was last week, we have some extremely useful feedback on what viewers can expect from the spinoffs. We have Reedus'' Daryl from France, Lauren Cohan''s Maggie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan''s Michonne from Andrew Lincoln, who has stopped the most extensive conspiracy. And also some choice words that should make fans of Melissa McBride''s Carol Peletier very happy.

Daryl Dixon/France Spinoff

With Reedus'' return to filming, the spinoff will have a connection to the end credits scene from, which included a video from Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich), a scientist killed over walkers experiments, as well as a proof that there are a lot more types of walkers than people realize.

Reedus on a desire to make a show that went in the opposite direction, just because we didn''t want to do the same thing, and it''s going to be quite different. The characters are quite different. There''s a different tone, there''s a different sound. This is going to be fantastic.

Dan McDermott, the chairman of AMC, offers a few points: The series will "follow Daryl as he wakes up and finds himself somewhere on the European continent and tries to describe what happened. How did he get here? How will he get home?

The Walking Dead: Dead City

Morgan and Cohan are both sounding as enthused as ever with screening on the NYC-set spinoff in New Jersey.

McDermott on NYC in TWD: "Negan and Maggie''s journey to Manhattan, where bridges and tunnels were blown up at the start of the epidemic because the walker herd had just overrun the island, and it has been left that way for 12 years. Now it''s a 2 million walker-strong herd that is dominating the streets and making it dangerous and dangerous."

"If you had told me that a year ago, I''d say, "There''s no way." I believe that ending ''The Walking Dead'' and walking away would have been a good thing for us all to do. But I could barely say no to the story. And I felt outgoing and intend to continue it."

"Cohan on How Series Lets Them Explore Some "Dark" Places": "Wow, you''ve never been to do it with a large cast." "Wow, you''ve been doing that show so long," I say, "And I hope I do it forever."

"Excitement and Fan Mania" Surrounding Series Reminds Morgan of TWD: "There''s been 200 people out to watch us film, which reminds me quite much of how it was when I first got on "The Walking Dead." "It was such excitement and fan mania. And so to have that again, it''s super cool."

Rick Grimes/Michonne Spinoff

Despite how the comic-show was discussed, AMC does not consider the project a one-season series.

McDermott Explains Why a Series Was Better Than a Film Trilogy: "It became clear that the greatest, most epic story we could possibly tell would be a multi-episode, six-hour long, epic love story about these two discovering themselves, reconnecting, and departing to reclaim their family."

"I believe it''s critical because Rick Grimes really is ''The Walking Dead.'' It was his story. It made me realize that ''The Walking Dead'' evolved into a slew of different aspects. All of them very entertaining and very powerful, but the Rick Grimes of it truly stands on its own." "It''s really excited about where it''s going," Greg Nicotero says.

So Is Rick and/or Michonne going to the Series Finale right? Showrunner and EP Angela Kang offered, "I can''t answer that question, but I appreciate you asking," and TWD CCO Scott Gimple expressed his admiration, adding, "I''d never tell you that in a million years."

What Can You Say About Carol''s The Walking Dead Future?

While there was a slew of unnecessary social media turmoil surrounding the announcement that McBride would not be able to participate in the Daryl Dixon spinoff returning overseas, we really covered suggestions that McBride is far off done with the role. Despite the fact that the "hints" were released on Friday, the explanations appear to be much more clear.

"Their journey" is not over. They will meet down the road, and you can pretty much bet all your money. I have read all these people whining about it, and I must keep my mouth closed, but there will be a lot of feet in there at some point."

"Cool Carol Stories" by Gimple are in the way: "We''ll be sharing stories with each other moving forward." I''ve never stopped talking to Melissa about this. I''m extremely pleased with the idea of it, and I''m very optimistic for the future of developing some cool Carol stories."

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