For her 31st Anniversary, Tini Howard and Sweeney Boo have taken over Harley Quinn

For her 31st Anniversary, Tini Howard and Sweeney Boo have taken over Harley Quinn

Tini Howard and artist Sweeney Boo are the new planned creative team for the DC Comics series starting March 2023. This will follow the #27 from Stephanie Phillips and Matteo Lolli, according to the current team.

This will follow Harley Quinn''s current 30th-anniversary events, including the New York Comic Con pop-up activation, the December art book #1.

HARLEY QUINN 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 (ONE SHOT) Various (A) Various (CA) Amanda Conner Written by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Dini, Stephanie Phillips, Stjepan Sejic, Kami Garcia, Riley Rossmo, Mindy Lee, and Jason Badower, along with John Timms, Terry Dodson, and Rafael Albuquerque In this fantabulous special, Quinn is cordi

LONG LIVE THE QUINN! With Stephanie Phillips'' new Harley Quinn artist Matteo Lolli, I get killed in this onefor real! Dead. Deceased. Late. Pushing up daisies. Somebody needs to resolve my murder, Multiversal mischief, and more guest appearances, with Stephanie Phillips! Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 9/27/2022

HARLEY QUINN #23 CVR A MATTEO LOLLI (W) Stephanie Phillips (A/CA) Daneo Lolli Y''know, bein'' dead is just like ridin'' a bike. There''s a big white light, and then Prince arrives and offers you a chance to host a house party in the clouds with Marilyn Monroe and Abraham Lincoln. However, to make things worse, the person who shot and killed you might have serious unplanned consequences! Retail: $3.99 In

HARLEY QUINN #24 CVR A MATTEO LOLLI (W) Stephanie Phillips (A/CA) Matteo Lolli Like the old Russian proverb says, if you want to catch a killer, kidnap a different killer and force them to guide you through their journey until you realize the person who murdered you in cold blood on your newly renovated Gotham ferrypoint is, I''m makin'' Victor Zsasz help with my murder mystery and this Sherlock and reluctant Watson are

CVR A JONBOY MEYERS (W) Stephanie Phillips (A) Matteo Lolli (CA) Jonboy Meyers There may be only one Harley Quinnor, you know, but the Multiverse is a strange place. The old lady Harley who joined a bowling league in Indiana for free chicken wingswe''ve got the whole gang together, and we''re ready to put the fun in this Multiversal murder mystery, and maybe even cause further murder with a side of mayhem. Retail

HARLEY QUINN UNCOVERED #1 CVR A JAY ANACLETO (A) Various (CA) Jay Anacleto Art by Derrick Chew, Ryan Sook, Warren Louw, Amanda Conner, and others Join us for a beautiful, irreverent look at the amazing variations covers that made the Maid of Mischief stunning! Retail: $5.99 In-Store Date: 12/13/2022

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