For NYCC 2022, Radiant Black is a 22-splash page infinite edition

For NYCC 2022, Radiant Black is a 22-splash page infinite edition

Kyle Higgins has announced a special edition of his Image Comics Massive-Verse title, the #18 INFINITE EDITION, which will only be available at New York Comic-Con this year. With capital letters, the standard edition was created yesterday, and was designed to tell one story across all the pages that, laid from end to end, would make a 22-page splash. And that''s what this NYCC edition will do.

In contrast to a black hole, Albert Einstein described his relativity theory as a space-time alteration. However, in 1907, wendell George will today learn that for himself as the past, present, and future collide.

In a way that aims to showcase timelinesthan, what better way to explore it?

Radiant Black #18 INFINITE EDITION is the ultimate way to read Wendell''s story. It''s far and away the most limited way to do so, as well.

250 copies of the Infinite Edition (sans comps) have been planned for NYCC. But don''t worry, if you''ren''t seeing the show, we''ll make them available for presale on Saturday, September 24.

The Infinite Edition will retail for $50 for Saturday''s lunch as part of our convention partners at Comic Sketch Art. There are also signature and CGC options for those who want to attend.

What time on Saturday? Well, that''s what we are smuggling these across a range of treacherous and complicated terrain. There''s only one way to get notified when these go live.

Yup, it''s also important to subscribe to the newsletter. Which will also alert you to the release of #7 in a glow-in-the-dark version.

This edition will cost $30each and, alongsideRadiant Black #18 INFINITE EDITION, we''ll also be making copies available on Saturday for presale.

Voici the limitations of the standard editions.

KYLE HIGGINS, a Chicago sports radio producer, and rising-star artist, will feature in the upcoming films on September 21, 2022. Everything has fallen apart. SRP: $3.99

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