Tonight's Ghosts: The CBS Series Dedicates Superfan Mark Hamill's Repeat

Tonight's Ghosts: The CBS Series Dedicates Superfan Mark Hamill's Repeat

The performance of CBS andJoe Port & Joe Wiseman''s Rose McIver & Utkarsh Ambudkar is coming to a close, but it is rising high on critical praises for its first season, and its ability to define itself apart from its UK counterpart (and a viewing fanbase that continues to grow). And one of those fans is Mark Hamill (if we have to list his credentials, then we''re not sure why you''re reading this) who was apparently unaware that the

Here''s a look at how the social media exchange ended:

Please repeat "Attic Girl" as it''s the only episode I need to watch on my @GhostsCBS program. Thank you.

Mark Hamill (@MarkHamill) on September 1, 2022

I''ll see what I can do!

Ghosts (@GhostsCBS) September 1, 2022

Mark Hamill (@MarkHamill) on September 2, 2022

McIver is expressing his gratitude for Hamill''s support:

Thank you for all your support.

Rose McIver (@imrosemciver) on September 5, 2022

During tonight''s one-hour block (a perfect lead-in for next week''s Season 2 start): "Attic Girl" will be joining S01E18 "Farnsby & B" (directed by Cortney Carrillo and written by Joe Port & Joe Wiseman).

This Tweet is based on @MarkHamill and @MarkHamill, but @CBS will open tomorrow (9/22) at 10/9c!

Ghosts (@GhostsCBS) September 21, 2022

Here''s a look at the first two episodes of CBS'', returning for its second season on Thursday, September 29th:

Sam enlists the Ghosts in Season 2 of "Spies" to get a good review from an overly dreadful couple staying at the B&B. And Isaac tries to integrate Nigel into his friend group. Written by John Blickstead and Trey Kollmer and directed by Trent O''Donnell

Sam decides to host a podcast with the mystery surrounding Alberta''s death. Hetty develops an unusual connection with a broken washing machine in Ghosts Season 2''s "Alberta" series. Written by John Blickstead and directed by Trent O''Donnell

Here''s a look at CBS'' extended trailer, which is expected to premiere for its second season on September 29th.

Neal McIver as Samantha, Utkarsh Ambudkar as Alberta, Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac, Richie Moriarty as Trevor, Roman Zaragoza as Thorfinn, and Rebecca Wisocky are the executive producers for CBS Studios in collaboration with Lionsgate Television and BBC Studios'' Los Angeles production arm. Trent O''Donnell is an executive producer (pilot only) and directed the pilot from a script by Port & Wiseman. Based on the BBC Studios'' distributed format

On Thursday, December 15, viewers will be given a holiday themed double episode. With the first reporting, the episode says, "When Jay''s sister Bela (Punam Patel) returns to Woodstone Mansion for a holiday visit and brings along a platonic male friend, Samantha, which she adores, makes it her mission to spark a holiday romance. "While the ghosts have conjured up a very different holiday plan, according to Joe Port and Joe Wiseman.

"We believed it would be fun to have our Christmas episode as part of one of those Hallmark Christmas movies," Port said. "But because this is ''Ghosts,'' it has a very ''Ghosts'' twist to it, which makes the holiday much more different from the usual family tradition Sam desired. "The double episode, on the back of the day, has a very ''Ghosts'' twist, which makes it far more straightforward than the traditional Christmas tradition," said the author.

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