Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, according to Gearbox, has a new franchise potential

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, according to Gearbox, has a new franchise potential

The spin-off shattered target expectations

The fantasy-themed spin-off game may have been a fun one-off, but it was successful enough that Gearbox is considering it as a new franchise with future experiences already under development.

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Entertainment, was speaking at the Embracer Groups annual general meeting, as transcribed by the Video Games Chronicle.

Pitchford slammed all of our objectives as a result of the fantasy-tabletop-inspired game, both critically and commercially, and said that, out of great financial rewards from this victory that will entail in the future, we have established a solid solid base.

Pitchford claims that we have a new franchise on our hands, which includes future experiences already under way at Gearbox.

Gearbox completed a preliminary inspection of Lost Boys Interactive, the co-development studio on April 1, 2018.

As someone who was initially pushed off by the idea but ended up liking more than expected, I can easily see them doing a (hopefully even more confident) sequel.

Even among players who stoked this D&D-inspired, multi-world-traversing, build-your-own-class shakeup, the season pass drew back a bad taste that the DLC was still lacking, not by a longshot.

I only played through the main campaign once and never messed with the endgame activities, but it''s normal for me when it comes tothe series; others, who play these games particularly the endgame grind, did not excel equally.

I think it was a pleasure to play, but any new experiences under the umbrella cant spoil the success of this first game, which had a major curiosity aspect in mind. Expectations will be higher next time.

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