Treasures from Dragon Quest are very cute

Treasures from Dragon Quest are very cute

Its out on December 9

As a result of the sheer number of games expected to be released in October and November, this new overview trailer was spooked.

Erik and Mia, a brother and sister duo, who dreams of exploring the world in search of great treasure, are involved in this game. Eventually, youll select several monsters, who may bolster the party''s abilities to findmore treasure. The gameplay loop is quite carefree, mixed with the style of the series.

In this four-minute video, Square Enix takes you through the basics, including treasure hunting itself (including the various means of traversal), recruiting, the hub/base mechanic, and the main storyline (which deals with rival gangs, and the narrative involving the seven rare Dragonstones). Party building in particular looks fun, as your minions can also act out of combat: serving as mounts, and abilities of sorts (like having one throw you up in the air).

Like, I always give these spinoffs a second look. At this point, the series has gained so much success, and if I can fit it into my schedule, it appears to be a hot December/winter game.

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