The World Final Dates for the Red Bull Solo Q 2022 have been announced

The World Final Dates for the Red Bull Solo Q 2022 have been announced

The Red Bull Solo Q 2022 World Final will be held in New York from October 14th to October 16th, with the highest players from the globe competing for a chance at the prize pool. This morning, we discovered the official dates and new information for the event. We can see more information here, as we look to who will all be involved and what other intentions they have for the weekend.

The circuit began earlier this year, with national matches spanning the year and across 25 countries, alongside several international qualifiers, giving players a second chance to progress. Out of the bridging rights that come with winningRedBullSoloQ, the participants will also receive access to the group stage (14-16 Oct) of the World Championships. Each of the RedBullSoloQ world finalists will also have access to the 10,000 prize pool.

TheRedBullSoloQ World Finals will be played on Howling Abyss All Star, close to the World Championship show. This is the most prestigious tournament a League player can dream to participate in.

This is one of the best opportunities to scouts for aspiring players who want to go pro. In a traditional competitive, local heroes and legends will emerge, implementing strategies and using champions that League supporters haven''t previously seen, while simultaneously witnessing a unique and unforgettable event.

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