Sarah Michelle Gellar on How Wolf Pack Script Reminded Her Of "Buffy"

Sarah Michelle Gellar on How Wolf Pack Script Reminded Her Of "Buffy"

Paramount+ had a chance to showcase Jeff Davis'' upcoming Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays the cast and executive on the new York Comic Con. After an influential and still-beloved run as Buffy Summers on this week, Gellar wasn''t interested in returning to horror television.

"I''ve been pitched once or twice during a series of shows," Gellar said of the first time the viewer spoke about ''Buffy''s tenseness. These real monsters were the metaphors for the horror of college, and for me, that''s why it stands the test of time." "I''m sure you''ll enjoy watching television each day, and I''ll be watching a show that everybody''s talking about."

Gellar plays arson investigator Kristin Ramsey, a well-known scientist in her field and no stranger to personal harm, when approached by authorities to discover the teen arsonist who was living in a massive wildfire that might have contributed to the reaping of a supernatural predator. Here''s a look at the special moment from the SDCC when Gellar surprised more than a few people:

The first episode of Edo Van Belkom, which airs next week, follows a teenage boy, Everett (Jackson) and his daughter, Blake, who died in the wildfire in California. Using this technique, the teens learn to grapple with the consequences of each other, including the twins Harlan (Gray) and Luna, who died sixteen years earlier in the wildfire. However, the episode, which is being released on Paramount+ later this year, includes two people: one of them being

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