YouTuber videogamedunkey announces his own gaming publishing company

YouTuber videogamedunkey announces his own gaming publishing company

Bigmode, a gaming personality, has been announced by videogamedunkey.

Dunkey has been a YouTube gaming platform for over a decade, including in the last few years, a comedy/commentary channel. This week, he announced that he is starting his own independent game publisher known as Bigmode. Fans and developers have plenty to say about videogamedunkeys'' new career move.

Dunkey expresses the impression that over the years, he has tried to slam''sunless cash'' into the garbage can, and lifts up and praises the truly inspired works of art in this medium, and then lists titles he has featured in his videos, like, and, to name a few.

Quite a few people are skeptical of this whole concept, mostly because Dunkey may have played a lot of games, but hes never attempted to grasp things on the development/production/publishing side of things before. Dont get me wrong, im all about more people getting into games, especially when someone seems really passionate about making good things however, I fall into the camp of people who are punished the wrong way by Dunkey''s announcement.

The biggest concern is his attitude about the whole thing, which basically takes us back to something like "I am here to save the day," because people continue to make bad games because they just want money, and my beliefs are pure.

Im sure Dunkey only means to assist, but it''s clear that he doesn''t have a good grasp of what''s going on behind the scenes. Plus, in the wake of the leaks, im not really in the mood to hear about how games are made from someone who has no experience.

I''m rooting for him at the end of the day, because I want good ideas to shine in this industry as much as the next person. I just get the feeling that Dunkeys will need to learn a few useful lessons along the way.

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