Take-Two completes the acquisition of Zynga

Take-Two completes the acquisition of Zynga

As the $12.7 billion acquisition concludes, Microsoft''s acquisition of Activision Blizzard will be completed.

Take-Two, a leading video game publisher with properties like Grand Theft Auto and BioShock, has demonstrated an interest in mobile gaming. At their investor presentation, they announced that they intend to incorporate additional Take-Two games into various platforms through partnerships between themselves and Zynga, so players may have access no matter their preferred device or platform.

According to a official news release, it is possible to provide the following information:

The shareholders of each business have approved all recommendations for the Take-Two merger with Zynga at the company''s respective Special Meeting of Stockholders, as soon as the market closes on May 20, 2022, and after the closing, Zynga will no longer be listed on the NASDAQ exchange.

Zelnick said the couple was right.

This acquisition might bolster the already successful GTA franchise and its coming sequel. Zynga''s mobile entertainment capabilities may provide a few resources and expertise to improve the quality of the next GTA title, or if the mobile platform is removed.

Take-Twos'' acquisition of Zunga is considered to be one of the greatest headlines in the gaming industry, at least until we see Activision Blizzard''s ownership. The transaction between these two companies is expected to close until 2023.

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