The CEO of Microsoft is hopeful that the Activision Blizzard agreement will be approved

The CEO of Microsoft is hopeful that the Activision Blizzard agreement will be approved

Let us have competition

Microsoft''s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still under scrutiny. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed her belief in the Billivision Blizzard deal.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority is investigating the deal. After an initial phase, the regulator has decided to conduct a more thorough phase 2 investigation. The CMA is looking into whether the deal will have a realistic prospect of significantly decreasing competition in gaming.

Microsoft CEO Nadella says he is confident the company will obtain regulatory approval for the $69 billion acquisition.

Any acquisition of this size will be subjected to scrutiny, but we are very, very certain that the outcome will be fantastic, according to Nadella.

Sony, which has made a number of acquisitions, has also been named as the CEO. So if this is to competition, let''s have competition, according to Nadella.

Major mergers

Tensions over the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard merger have increased. Since it was announced earlier this year, the possibility of merger has been under scrutiny, but both Xbox and PlayStation have been reacting to it somewhat more candidly.

According to reports, Microsoft had committed to maintaining on PlayStation for several years beyond the current deal. In a statement to, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan described the offer as unavoidable on many levels.

Sony has picked up several studios, including Housemarque, Bluepoint, and Studio Bungie.

The scope and the scope of the Microsoft ABK agreement is huge, although the latter anticipates the deal to close in the fiscal year 2023.

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