Rune Factory 5 surpasses a half-million sales and shipments

Rune Factory 5 surpasses a half-million sales and shipments

Down on Jollity Farm

It''s time to get caught up about your business goals, and there''s also the anime-lovin boys n gals over at Marvelous. Since its 2021 release, the Japanese publisher has proudly announced that its farming RPG, has received over 500,000 shipments and digital sales.

Players in the game in Rigbarth, a quaint, sunny village, were initially conceived in Japan last May, but later landed on these shores in March this year. Using world exploration and social interactions, the sequel combines repeatitious farming action with a simple, simple slice-of-life adventure. Using a monster-taming mechanic, ranchers may build up their own menagerie.

While it has been of a success, many critics and supporters were disappointed by this latest version. While players applauded the titles'' soothing nature, eye for exploration, and engaging graphics, criticism expressed the title''s in-game visuals. Others in the gaming community expressed their displeasure for the titles'' failure to evolve, essentially adopting an almost identical path to the games they developed.

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