Battlefield 2042 is being investigated by EA Dice

Battlefield 2042 is being investigated by EA Dice

As the developer intends to dive deeper with what appeared to be a first-person shooter flagship game for EA, they hope to satisfy the broad public, or better yet, those who have not played Battlefield 2042. Before the timeline arrives, the developers begin a hot conversation.

According to an official blog post by EA, the developer is focusing on the core issues with their game before of the first season. Its odd to see them lingering around, but it''s still a relief for players to hear that they''re being addressed. Maps, Experiences, Modes, and New Content are deemed to arrive with Season 1.

The maps haven''t been relatively used without providing adequate cover for players traversing through open areas. They are usually exposed to enemy eyesight, leading to a vulnerable position and an inevitable firefight, which is why EA Dice will revamp and populate the maps with additional static objects.

After the development update, EA Dice received a video, which included a briefing on what is coming next and how they plan to deal with the issues. Below, you can see the development update, including the official blogpost by EA, in which all additional changes have been revealed.

EA Dice is training intensely on their game to preserve what has been lost and retain the lost popularity. Battlefield 2042 is here to stay for a longer period before we get a new Battlefield title.

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