Action Comics Rewrites The DC Universe and Gives Its Infinity Stones?

Action Comics Rewrites The DC Universe and Gives Its Infinity Stones?

Superman''s current run of written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson has seen him take his pursuit of freedom and justice to WarWorld, run by Mongul, in an attempt to free the captives, fighting slaves of the world. It''s not easy to imagine a freedom, however. Superman''s confrontation of the simplicities summed up by Superman, involving individuals, with a history and culture that simplistic approaches ignore. And chains. It was truly an excellent and appreciative approach to the character. Not everyone is

Johnson and Riccardo Federici reveal a deeper deeper mystery to Mongul''s actions on WarWorld. First, we have Superman and Moses, a tame as old as time. Yet there is still more, yet another.

Olgrun, a new ancient god of the DC Universe, appears to have created a lot of it.

Seven sacred stones are divided up throughout the universe, of different levels and abilities. And they are spread across all of infinity. Sorry, they have one more stone than the Infinity Gems, and thus are much better. By dint of mathematics.

Is there any certainty there is no way Mongul may house them all? I''m only need eight spots, but that''s all.

Is Mongul either worthy or unworthy? Set your bets, and is this another form of the Greak Darkness to take?

DALE EAGLESHAM (W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Riccardo Federici, Ben Templesmith, and Dale Eaglesham Start the Next chapter of the Warworld Saga, which begins with Superman''s people suffering with outrageous cruelty. Then, in Myth of the Mongul, discover deadly secrets that might spell certain annoyance for Superman! Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 05/24/2022

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