Is Teen Titan Matthew Price, Bastard Grandson of Darkseid?

Is Teen Titan Matthew Price, Bastard Grandson of Darkseid?

Matthew Price is a member of the Teen Titans Academy, who fell out of the sky, and was rescued by the US Eisenhower missing all his memory. He has powers of flight, superhuman hearing, durability, and strength, as well as a form of heat vision, which is triggered by a change in emotion. This week''s #15 gives a very broad hint as to Matthew Price''s origins.

Omega Beams, which is powered by Darkseid, can lock on a target so they can''t be missed. They can deintegrate a target but also recreate them. They can trap a subject in a pocket dimension and all kinds of nasty undocumented things.

Darkseid were also used by Yuga Khan and his daughter Grail, although they have been weakened with each successive generation. Luthor also managed to use them when the leader of Apokolips was very temporary. Either way, it raises questions about who Matthew Price is.

The series has concluded, but the institution is expected to continue to do so if it survives being destroyed in the Dark Crisis of course. I''m sure there''s a chance for a Matthew Price Bastard Son Of Darkseid at some point? Something at least to distract you from all the Dickkory going on around these parts

TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #15 CVR A TOM DERENICK & MATT HERMS (W) Tim Sheridan (A) Tom Derenick (CA) Tom Derenick and Matt Herms FINAL ISSUE! The students and faculty decide whether the school is the right place for them in the shadow of the New Titans Tower. Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 05/24/2022

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