Episode 22 of Bob's Burgers: A Leson In Letting Go: Review

Episode 22 of Bob's Burgers: A Leson In Letting Go: Review

Despite the predicament of Tina''sdiary and Bob''sbathroom graffiti, FOX''s has ended its 12th season with a second part. Make sure you see the episode first and then return if you don''t want anything done to you. Otherwise, see you on the other side of this image break.

Alongside Bob''s own worries about the disturbing descriptions of the restaurant, Tina''s story and diary have been added to her upcoming events. It''s a challenge for Tina''s family to discern what''s going on with Tina and where she''ll be going after school hours.

Lindagets is interrupted byLouiseandGene as she search for clues in Tina''s room for her birthday. Bob joins in on the newly modified search to discover Tina through her writings.

Tina and Bob''s journey into accepting the harm they experienced in their writing world was excellent, but some parts of the story felt somewhat limited when faced with difficulties. Both episodes would have done those portions more justice.

Two superb episodes that seem to impress audience with music and family-centered themes for the film coming to theaters this season. This episode ended the story and things felt complete, including a specific change in tone forTammy''s character at the end. It did not disappoint the previous episode but it included a satisfying ending to the season itself.

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