Lyonne and Rudolph are checked in by Amazon's sci-fi animated comedy The Hospital

Lyonne and Rudolph are checked in by Amazon's sci-fi animated comedy The Hospital

Animal Pictures, an adult animated science fiction comedy from Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne, has been given a two-season order from Amazon Studios. The rest of the voice cast includesKieran Culkin, Keke Palmer, and Greta Leeand, who wrote and sang the theme song for the James Bond film. It was initially introduced at Amazon in 2020 and it will launch exclusively on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Sleech and Klak, who are battling the most dangerous situations in the galaxy, are risking their careers to take on a remarkable situation. Because Science Fiction, they make personal life better. It''s Space ER! As a comedy!

Nurse Tup, a funny, multi-eyed surgeon who spends her time feeding her sentient plants, obsessively reviewing previous failures, and her unconditional love for Dr. Klak. Lyonne will play Nurse Tup, a hilarious and cocky woman who thrives in the hospital. Sleech and Klak, both in a cult, are famous for their multi-eyed abilities.

Dr. Vlam, a robotic intern who has lived for at least 20,000 years, will be portrayed in Rudolph. She is a true testament to hard work. He is a surgeon, an empath, and an adult experiencing puberty. He has a love-hate relationship with Sleech, and has four identical siblings with whom he shared an egg. Dr. Azel will play in the role of an amoral surgeon with unbridled morals and six well-manicured

Dunlap serves as showrunner and executive producer with Rudolph, Lyonne, and Danielle Renfrew Behrens for Animal Pictures. Shauna McGarry (executive produces with Shannon Prynoski) and Chris PrynoskiAntonio Canobbioand Ben Kalinawill executive produce from Titmouse. Artist Robin Eisenberg will co-produce and serve as production designer.

"Cirocco is an incredible artist with an incredible voice and boundless imagination," said Ron Dunlap, who works with Animal Pictures, and Titmouse to develop a show that prominently displays alien sex. "She''s also phenomenal and imaginative, and she''s absolutely gifted," said of Animal Pictures, who works with animals for an unprecedented amount of time. "It''s a pleasure to see her grow into two seasons so beautifully," said the director of Amazon Studios. "We are pleased to have this

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