Anal Glands and Fire Diarrhea in The Great North Season 2 E22

Anal Glands and Fire Diarrhea in The Great North Season 2 E22

The second season of FOX has been ended with an ode to family and father''s day, with plenty of fart and poop in the mix to make it a fantastic episode. Though some minor spoilers might be ahead, consider this your fair warning before reading it again.

For Father''s Day, a certainBeef Tobin wasn''t initially willing to travel at Family Land.Wolf had a lot of interest for the family''s weekend, combined with connecting with other families and their RV camp adventures. As the rest of the family found some items they wanted for during the trip.

Many of the family enjoyed the trip away from Campfires, but Beef was holding in a secret. While Judy discovered French-Canadian love, Moon found friends out in the wood with a hilarious song to accompany the encounter.

Beef ended up declaring that his past included an attempt to enlist his ex to accept Father''s Day and his family, but instead, he ended up dropping a sparkler into the sewer drain lines, causing an odorous explosion. continues to show hope and compassion to those who follow the changes in life.

I think the anticipation and expectation of what was coming, like Moon''s arrival at the Father''s Day Follies event with skunk friends, was an excellent experience for everyone. Moon respects nature and the individual left out of the group, and Honeybee enjoys helping others and himself by making them better; Beef mistakes often come from silly mistakes. This was a fantastic process to conclude the sophomore season of the series, and I can''t wait for it to come next season.

I''d have a skunk spraying me with joy any day. #MusicMonday

Catch the season finale here:

The Great North (@GreatNorthFOX) May 23, 2022

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