Everyone is prey on Master Chief having sex

Everyone is prey on Master Chief having sex


Good for him I guess?

The property was chosen up for a TV adaptation by Paramount+ last year, but there are eight episodes out with one left until the series finale. One thing that has brought everyone together is that Master Chief finally had some sex.

It''s true that the iconic character Master Chief had sex on screen, and everyone is losing their minds about it. The internet had a facetious round of high fives about the fictional super-soldier getting some, but there were some who werent too thrilled about the circumstances under which it happened. However, many people think Cortana is one true love, and no matter where you fall in the shipping war, I think we can all admit that the sentient AI watching him bone from inside his head is absolutely strange.

Then there is the fact that the woman he met with was a prisoner of war on the heels of the Cortana betrayal, something Twitter user @tbabyswaglord described as one of the worst character murders in television history.

Given that I was a PlayStation kid who almost missed the boat, I really have no one in this fight, but I must admit that this whole thing is quite gloomy.

The only video game adaptation to include sex scenes is, however, the most significant example is, but fans of those games will recognize that those titles already included plenty of sex, mostly because it affects so much of the mythology that has been developed around the character. Adding a scene of Master Chief getting some feels like they might be just throwing it in there to make it feel more gritty and adult, two things that never really touched the whole situation.

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