Jon Landau, the producer of Avatar, discusses the 3D landscape in films

Jon Landau, the producer of Avatar, discusses the 3D landscape in films

The era of 3D movies has almost become a fever dream, where almost every major blockbuster (or intended blockbuster) was either filmed with 3D cameras or converted to 3D as a gimmick. Despite being so evident in trying to utilize a 3D gag with a home rewatch, I suppose even those titles may have a silver lining!

Anyways, a film that is often credited for being a hit in that period of time is the 2009 box office event (earning nearly $3 billion theatrically) which has become a popular film for a variety of directors. After using the ploy to increase ticket sales and box office turnout for ''event'' style cinema, 3D films have let off the gas (more like came to a complete stop).

The film''s producer gives his view of the year''s evolution as the film relaunches into the world of ''09. Landau explains to, "I think what happened is some people got lost, and there''s a period of time when people felt that converting something to 3D made it a better movie; 3D does not alter the film; 3D exacerbates the movie''s content.

"I think people were doing it as an afterthought to a process," says the long-time producer. Instead of [using] 3D as a creative element no different than lighting, no different than focus, no different than camera movement that is needed for a filmmaker to gain the ability to improvise narrative narrative."

If this means we''ll be seeing everything in a modern 3D format, we''ll see it for a long time.

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