Ultimate Squad: Cooler's Squadron is previewed in Dragon Ball Super

Ultimate Squad: Cooler's Squadron is previewed in Dragon Ball Super

Bandai has begun to show off cards from the next official expansion. This June 2022 set is the seventeenth main set and is also the eighth and final expansion under the banner. Bleeding Cool will include cards that recreate scenes and feature characters from the upcoming movie, the Cell Saga, the Cooler films, and the Red Ribbon Army. As a result of this upcoming set, the company hopes to make a representation of the cards from a collector''s perspective.

As the deadline approaches, Ginyu is a fan of Cooler''s Squadron. Ahead of the set''s release, Bandai has issued a video highlighting local events.

FOR ALL STORES (including BCC and non-BCC), the following event is available for registration today through BANDAI TCG+: DBSCG July Store tournament (Registration Period: May 10 May 31) Non-BCC stores should continue to register and organize May-June store tournaments and pre-release events through their distributor or organized play partner. During the transitional period, there will be several events that will need to be applied by TCG+. *For stores and distributors, we will announce the end

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