Google Imagen is a new AI-driven image generator capable of creating images from Words

Google Imagen is a new AI-driven image generator capable of creating images from Words

To be honest, the AI-image generation is nothing new. However, Google''s latest research paper highlights the advances that we have not seen since the first AI-drive image generators came out. To put it simply, Google Imagen takes a text and transforms it into a realistic-looking image, and what''s even better is that it is powered completely by an AI who understands a large dictionary filled with words and what meaning in a visual sense.

Google Imagen is perhaps the most astonishing thing you will see right now.

Google''s Imagine research paper has been published as part of its own internalised drawbench rating system, which demonstrates that the Google Imagen manages to produce superior results than those other models. Below are some examples from the Imagine website, which shows the results.

If you want to look at more of the images, then you may go ahead and see them here, and yes, the results are astounding, to say the least. Underneath all the photographs that I have shared with you, you will see the text that used to create those images with Google Imagine. In many instances, the text is very descriptive, but in some cases it is not as specific.

It is quite interesting to see how Google Imagen works, but you must understand that the technology isn''t coming out right now. Google has explained how this technique can be used for harmfully realistic images, considering how many uncurated words can result in images that are both racist, derogatory, and harmful.

Google Imagen is likely to be an open-source demo, but Google has stated that it will not release a source or demo until the company believes there are additional safeguards.

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