Today, the Soda Crisis takes on Steam

Today, the Soda Crisis takes on Steam

Team Soda, an independent game, has officially released the first action game on Steam today. It is backed by a team from the company that developed it. This game will equip you with some high-tech equipment and combine it with a touch of adventure while also slamming everything you do with a bass-heavy soundtrack that is designed to give you a boost.

Players will experience a sugar-rush of side-scrolling chaos that includes platforming, grappling, and sprinting. From wall cannons covering all angles to armoured explosives, they can also face off against it.

A wide range of weapons ensure that a well-stocked arsenal will achieve maximum damage, and loadouts may be restocked or changed-up at checkpoints. Players can then leverage the battlefield''s tactical potential to out-run, out-gun, and out-jump their opponents. This is accomplished by making full use of vital checkpoints that can recharge health and reload weapons along their journey through multiple levels. From the close-quarters combat of the dimly lit laboratory to the exposed roof of a freight train

Soda Crisis currently has a single-player action and a speedrun mode to push players to the limits only the best will have time, without botting it at the last moment!

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