The first look at Challenge Anneka, what is next, and all about the 2023 reboot

The first look at Challenge Anneka, what is next, and all about the 2023 reboot

After decades away, the channel 5 will be rebooted in 2023.

If you were a viewer in the 1980s and early 1990s, then youll know that Anneka Rice''s appearance in her trademark jumpsuits was a television staple.

Anneka will now be able to pull up to secret locations in her trusty lorry in order to meet the deadline, which will benefit everyday heroes and those who need help. With time of the essence, Anneka must confront big brands and local volunteers to meet the deadline. Luckily, she has still got her mobile, buggy, and "Dave the Soundman," who appeared in the original series.

Anneka believes this is happening, and she believes that the last few years have shown us all the power of community and how it is beneficial to be part of something bigger than ourselves.Dave the Soundman and Imayhave 130 years between us, but the whole team is as determined as ever to make a difference and shine a spotlight on people and organizations who need help.30 years on, the issues may look different but they are both about individuals and communities. We may also look a bit different and our hearts and willingness to get stuck

So here''s all you need to know about the reboot of Challenge Anneka on Channel 5.

Challenge Anneka release date

The all-new soundtrack will be released on Channel 5 in 2023. Keep an eye on the exact air date on this page!

Is there a trailer for the all-new Challenge Anneka?

The show has only begun filming in unidentified locations, so there isn''t yet a trailer for Channel 5 as soon as it appears. In the meantime below is a clip of the show from 1989 to share your memories...

What happens in the new Challenge Anneka?

Anneka will take on mystery challenges that will benefit people in the local community as part of the original series. In the original series she took on tasks such as creating charity commercials, building playbuses, and converting a rubbish tip into a playground. Each challenge is against the clock and Anneka must pull in favor of big corporations, well-known faces, and local heroes. No doubt she will turn around in her lorry or buggy and Dave the Soundman will be asked to lend a hand.

Challenge Anneka all about the original show

From 1987 to 1995, Anneka embarked on a variety of tasks, from renovating a lion sanctuary in Kent,rescuing two neglected lions from Athens, to using a pantomime in just two days to help vulnerable children and the elderly.

In 2007, Anneka appeared on stage during a McFly concert and asked the band to produce a charity single as part of an album to raise funds for Childrens Hospices.

More on Anneka Rice

Anneka Rice was a huge fan in the 1980s and presented, as well as in the documentary, in 2006, she took part in the celebrity version of. She has since been on and participated in the 2019 series of, partnering Kevin Clifton.

Is there a new Challenge Anneka trailer?

Not yet, but if Channel 5 releases a trailer soon, it may be put up here. However, Anneka was particularly concerned about the reboot and posted this video on her Twitter page.

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