Season 4 of you: The release date, cast, plot, and all of us know

Season 4 of you: The release date, cast, plot, and all of us know

Following the dramatic events of the previous instalment, season 4 will see Joe in an entirely different light. He''ll be taking on a new identity and trying to move on, hoping to preserve his past for the future.

During Netflix''s TUDUM meeting, news of another season was confirmed, and some first-look adverts ensued, with Joe jetting off to London where he''ll be posing as a professor.

As Joe leaves his former lives behind in New York and Los Angeles, he embarks on a crime spree. But we can only imagine he''ll return to his usual ways pretty quickly when he arrives in London.

Sera Gamble, a showrunner for season 4, said: "We are very grateful that Netflix has shown such enormous support and that people around the world have really enjoyed seeing Joe fairly wrong over the past three seasons. The whole team is eager to explore new, dark aspects of love in season 4.

Here''s all you need to know about this week''s event.

Hello, YOU. #Tudum has the first look at what Joe''s been up to since we''ve seen him last here: 24, 2022

You season 4 release date

The season 4 release will be divided into two parts, with the first half coming on Netflix onFebruary 10, 2023, and the second will be released a month later, thus letting us relax for a while!

You season 4 plot

Season 4 looks like it will start off fairly calmly, with Joe filling roles as Professor Jonathan Moore in London, but how long will this normal life last? If we know Joe, perhaps not.

Even by ''''s standards,'' the previous season had a fun game: fans were horrified when Joe murdered his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti), tossed his own skin out in a pie, causing his death to be pined on Love, then set his house in the California suburbs on fire, and how can Joe survive that? Something tells us he will!

We''ren''t sure where Joe aka Jonathan will be going to in London, but there''s no doubt he''ll get another subject quite soon, as over the last few years we''ve seen him obsessing over a number of women, with very severe results. We''ll have to wait and see...

You season 4 cast

Season 4 will feature a brand new cast, which isn''t much more known about Kate than her in the past. She''s been described as a "icy bitch."

Former star Tilly Keeper and star Lukas Gage are among the cast, with further casting expected.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, a new trailer for Season 4 has been released, which sees Joe Goldberg introducing himself as Professor Jonathan, and he''ll have a ruthless monologue to it.

During his presentation, he said, "This time around, I focusing on academia and instruction, while keeping my mainly non-curricular activities strictly professional."

"I had the pleasure to meet up with like-minded colleagues, sometimes with friends in distant locations, then come others attempting to climb that social ladder. So, they end up falling or will I say they are pushed to their social death." "What does it matter?

It is possible to see it in depth below...

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