Shadow Torch, a soldier forged in, will be released on Switch in 2022

Shadow Torch, a soldier forged in, will be released on Switch in 2022

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According to Game Source Entertainment, the Nintendo Switch edition of will be released in Japan July 14, implying that a western release will not be far behind.]

Microids has announced that it has signed a deal to produce a physical edition of 2021s excellent but under-the-radar release. On the other hand, a Nintendo Switch port of has been announced, with a scheduled release date for late 2022.

yer boy Moyse is very much a proponent of, which was one of, but in 2021, he will get rid of what he''s missing from his well-worn battle armor to combat the oppressors of Torch Citys'' slum-dwellers. What follows is a stellar metroidvania with impressive visuals, deep and satisfying combat, and a deep-punching tale of anarchy and redemption.

After the launch of weve received many positive reviews from players across the globe, and one of the frequently asked questions was about its physical release in Europe and America, said TiGames CEO Zhang Tao. Fortunately, with the help of bilibili and Microids, the question can finally be answered. We hope that the physical versions will provide challenge-hungry players with an enjoyable adventure in Torch City. Thank you as always for the warm support!

Microids hopes to release a localized physical edition on both PlayStation and Switch platforms in accordance with the release of the new Switch port. I must admit that, despite how it might look in screenshots/trailers, this is a deceptively large release from a tech standpoint, therefore it will be interesting to see how the epic adventure is scaled down for Nintendo''s hybrid platform.

It is now available on PlayStation and PC. Check out our review right here.

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