Season 5 of FBI: The next episode, the trailer, and everything we know about the crime drama

Season 5 of FBI: The next episode, the trailer, and everything we know about the crime drama

Season 5 is coming back, and viewers are expecting it, mainly due to how the series was wrapped last spring.

The crime drama as well as its two spinoff series have become some of the most popular CBS shows, boosting the network to become the most-watched network in the United States for 2021-2022. Can CBS''s fall 2022 TV lineup deliver the same results?

Season 4 is now available in the rearview mirror, so here''s everything we need to know about it.

When is the next FBI season 5 episode?

Season 5 of Season 5 premiered on Tuesday, September 20, with a kick-off on air ahead of and ending the premiere night.

The next season of Season 5 airs on Tuesday, September 27, at 8 pm ET/PT. Here is a breakdown of the episode titled "Love Is Blind."

"The officer who was shot dead at a pawn shop with the owner of the store, is trying to figure out why a young, recent Ivy League dropout is tied to the crime."

Take a look at the photoshoot.

FBI season 5 plot

One of only a handful of shows that return to television with a brand new season without having ever shown a previous season finale. It''s conceivable that the capabilities that be at CBS have effectively ruined the season 4 finale this spring.

The drama, which aimed to highlight a student involvement in a deadly robbery, was scrapped the day it was to premiere, although it wasn''t clear if the episode will ever be released months later. Now, the audience is in a brand new season.

The DEA agent was being investigated for the last episode of Season 4 of ''Kayla,'' while Special Agents Tiffany Wallace (Katherine Renee Turner) and Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten) clashed over the best law enforcement techniques in a particular case.

The future will be enhanced by thought-provoking situations that benefit those who enjoy the crime drama genre. Moreover, following Bell''s (Missy Peregrym) being forced to take some time off last season to recover from her injuries sustained due to the exposure to sarin gas, viewers should expect her to be back in the mix at some point this season.

FBI season 5 cast

Missy Peregrym (, ) is leading the way as special agent Maggie Bell, who dropped her season 4 short as she was on maternity leave.

Peregrym will be relegated to the series during the fall season.

Zeeko Zaki, who plays Omar Adom "OA" Zidan in the Maggies role alongside Peregrym. Zaki previously played Matt in the series.

Jeremy Sisto (, ), Alana De La Garza (,,, John Boyd (, ) and Katherine Renee Turner are among the players in season 5.

Shantel VanSanten, a season 4 latecomer, has been linked to the FBI.

Check out our Season 5 Meet the Cast article.

FBI season 5 trailer

The first thing you need to know about this week''s ight conference is to get a combined trailer. Check out the trailer below.

How to watch FBI season 5

CBS has a live stream on Sunday morning. CBS also has a host of live stream services, including FuboTV, Hulu, with live streaming, and YouTube TV. Paramount Plus Premium subscribers and subscribers to the CBS app have the opportunity to watch episodes live as they air.

If you''re looking for things at your own leisure, then you can watch them on-demand via the CBS app and Paramount Plus the day after the episodes begin.

Although Paramount Plus is now available, we are still waiting to receive an official message that UK subscribers will be able to view the new season on the platform with a subscription, or if the season will air at a later date on another platform.

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