Vote for your favorite game show in the TV Times Awards in 2022

Vote for your favorite game show in the TV Times Awards in 2022

It''s been another fantastic year of television, and what better way to honor all your favourite stars and shows than with the launch of our annual TV Times Awards?

It''s been a whole year of fun when it comes to television game shows. From revisiting old favorites, to discovering new formats and presenters, it''s been fantastic, and we''ve even learned a few things along the way!

Here are a list of the 2022 TV Times Awards Favourite Game Show nominees...

Favourite Game Show TV Times Awards 2022

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TV Times Awards 2022 how to vote

The choice of your favourite TV shows and stars to join the voting is straightforward. Head to the TV Times Awards online voting page.

Selection will not be easy, but here''s a sneak peek into what''s been entertaining us in game shows this year...

Alan Carrs Epic Gameshow ITV

Alan Carr''s infectious energy for life has been. Featuring''super-sized'' and reinvented versions of game shows from the past, the show is a fast-paced and hilarious way to spend some time. This series. included versions of and.

Beat the Chasers ITV

This lively and fun spin-off from Bradley Walsh invites contestants to go head-to-head with not one, but five Chasers. Is it possible to win the greatest quiz team ever?

Blankety Blank BBC1

Bradley Walsh is in the running again with his latest novel, the classic game show, which we all know and love. This time it''s Bradley who has to keep the celebrities under control and somehow assist the contestants in obtaining the prize.

Family Fortunes ITV

It''s a classic. With Gino D''Acampo back to us, we get more laughs as families compete head-to-head. It''s a format that sometimes stumps the most clever players, but it''s no sign of becoming boring. Our survey said...thumbs up!

Michael McIntyres The Wheel BBC1

Comedian Michael McIntyre is hosting this hilarious game show full of laughs, celebrities, and a massive spinning wheel. Contestants select the celebrities they believe will assist them answer the questions correctly and win the star prize, with mixed results...

The 1% Club ITV

This lively, colourful show starring Lee Mack is open to all of us, but this time, the answers aren''t about retaining facts or information. Instead, the answers are about logic and reason. The series begins with 100 contestants who are slashed down until one winner remains.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?ITV

The showbiz with host Jeremy Clarkson is as popular as ever. As contestants answer some tricky questions in an attempt to win the big money prize, they will ask a friend or the audience to get the correct answer, or will they lose everything they''ve received?

Would I Lie to You? - BBC1

The game show, which spawned a slew of memes, is never less than side-splittingly funny. Celebrities share embarrassing, hilarious or downright wreaking words, and their opponents attempt to figure out whether or not they are lying or the truth. It''s simple, and powerful.

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