The Patient: The next episode, trailer, cast, and everything we know about the TV series

The Patient: The next episode, trailer, cast, and everything we know about the TV series

Take a seat on the couch for a relaxing therapy session with, a TV thriller from the company behind it. The 10-episode limited series demonstrates that everyone can use someone to talk with, even serial killers.

The pair previously worked on, the hit spy thriller starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, and is producing and developing. This is their first TV project since the end of 2018.

Here''s all we know about.

When is next The Patient episode?

On Hulu on Tuesday, September 27, episode 6, "Charlie," was published. The rest of the limited series will be released on October 4.

Here''s a short synopsis for "Charlie."

"Dr. Strauss struggles with the reality he discovers himself in. Sam is consumed with practical necessities, but agrees to his therapist''s advice to make different choices."

When will the US be available outside, there''s still a long time left (Disney Plus in the United Kingdom, Star Plus in other parts of the world).

What is The Patient plot?

It is billed as a psychological thriller. Here is a breakdown of the series:

"Arapist Alan Strauss is put in prison by a patient, Sam Fortner, who confesses to being a serial killer. Sam has an unusual therapeutic desire for Alan: calm his homicidal annoyances.

"To survive, Alan must enliven Sam''s disturbed mind and stop him from killing again, but Sam refuses to discuss difficult subjects, such as his mother, Candace. Alone in captivity, Alan reveals his own past through memories of his old therapist, Charlie, and confronts with waves of his own repressed issues, including Beth''s recent death, and the painous derangement from his religious son, Ezra.

"Over the course of his imprisonment, Alan reveals not only how deep Sam''s compulsion runs, but also how much effort he has to put to work to restore the rift in his own family. With time running out, Alan attempts desperately to keep Sam before he becomes complicit in Sam''s murders or worse becomes a target himself."

The Patient episodes

Here are the official synopses for the previously released episodes:

"Intake," "Dr. Alan Strauss, a therapist mourning his wife, takes on an enigmatic new client. As they wrestle with very different situations, their professional relationship is transformed by a choice that strengthens them deeply together."

"Alan Learns to Meditate" begins episode 2 "Sam dives more deeply into the reason he entered therapy, but he encounters Dr. Strauss'' resistance as he continues their sessions. A gathering sense of not being alone leads to a revelation about the house."

"Issues" "Sam''s desire to find a therapeutic solution grows as his inner struggle intensifies. Dr. Strauss adds a new variable into their sessions."

"Company": "On the edge of crisis, Sam honors Dr. Strauss'' promise as a condition for continuing their work together. The trust built between patient and doctor is tested, with a living in the balance."

"Pastisto" is "sam''s contact with a woman from his past," says the author of episode 5, "Pastisto. Trials await for Dr. Strauss, Sam, and Elias."

"Charlie" Episode 6, "Dr. Strauss struggles with the reality he finds himself in. Sam is consumed with practical necessities, but agrees to his therapy''s advice to make different choices."

Who is in The Patient cast?

With Carrell playing Alan and Gleeson as Sam, Steven Carrell is renowned for his roles on and in movies, and. Gleesons'' most recognizable roles have come in, and.

Linda Emond (, ) as Candace, David Alan Grier (, ) as Charlie, Laura Niemi (, ) as Beth, and Andrew Leeds are other notable cast members (, ).

The Patient trailer

The heightened connection between Gleesons Sam and Carrells Alan is on full display in the trailer, which you may see here:

How to watch The Patient

The Hulu series is a Hulu exclusive, which is produced by FX, but it is also a Hulu feature. The only way to watch is by signing up for Hulu as a standalone subscription, packaging it as part of the Disney Bundle, or getting live TV on top of Hulus'' exclusive content with Hulu with Live TV.

When information is available, a well-established rule on where UK viewers may watch.

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