The Walk-In release date, cast, plot, trailer, episode guide, interview, and more for Jeff Pope's true crime drama

The Walk-In release date, cast, plot, trailer, episode guide, interview, and more for Jeff Pope's tr

The five-parter series stars Stephen Graham as reformed neo-national Matthew Collins, who then infiltrated a far-right group, and helped to foil the killing of Labour MP Rosie Cooper back in 2017. Other stars include Jason Flemyng, Leanne Best, Chistopher Coghill, and Dean-Charles Chapman. The series explores broad themes including racism, freedom of speech, and terrorism.

"It''s a hard-hitting tale that punches without success," Stephen Graham says. "But it''s very important that we have dramas like this that will give people the truth about these stories to begin conversations."

So here''s everything you need to know about the ITV drama..

The Walk-In release date

This five-part thriller will premiere in the United Kingdom on ITV from Monday October 3 to 9pm. All episodes then play out on ITV Hub as a box set or on ITV on subsequent Mondays at the same time 9pm. We will update when we hear of a US channel or air date, plus the word on the drama''s international release.

Is there a trailer for The Walk-In?

ITV has released a trailer for, starting with Stephen Graham as Matthew Collins gives students a lecture on the Far Right. Take a look below...

The Walk-In plot

Matthew Collins (Stephen Graham) who became a prominent Neo-Nazi when he was a bona fide journalist for Hope Not Hate. The five-part drama focuses on Matthew Collins and his desire to alter white men''s perceptions, yet it is still hell bent on causing race war. His aim is to infiltrate such organizations by running moles, or walk-ins, with the aim of publishing information online about their activities to expose and fracture them.

Despite repeated attempts, he was not able to join this particular group. Consequently, they continued to expand relatively unchecked until the horrific death of an MP Jo Cox brought their potential into sharp focus and became the first Far Right organization to be banned by the government since the Second World War.

Although the marches and social media posts ended, Matthew Collins knew the group would only have been driven underground and that he had probably lost all chance of obtaining information from inside. Until one day in March 2017 when he received an email from someone who claimed to be a member. A mole is prepared to talk about a horrific plan to murder a second MP. He eventually foils a murder plot against Labour MP Rosie Cooper.

Stephen Graham is filmed playing Matthew Collins in The Walk-In.

Stephen Graham plays journalist Matthew Collins, and he revealed his thoughts on taking the lead role and the story: "I had a vague grasp of the story, but as soon as I started researching and reading Matthews, I realized there was no way I was going to do the drama. He started off one way and accomplished a total transformation in his outlook, which made him a truly fantastic character."

Stephen Graham previously played chef Andy Jones in Boiling Point, was baddie John Corbett, and star in Help with Jodie Comer and Time. Hes currently starring in the comedy Code 404 and will play Mr Wormwood in the upcoming film Matilda.Stephen played Lee Sankey in Coronation Street in 1999 and went on to appear in, and the 2000 film. He has gone on to star in. He is currently producing a Prime Video drama.

Who else is starring in The Walk-In?

With a top notch cast, including Jason Flemyng, Andrew Ellis, Leanne Best, Dean-Charles Chapman, and Christopher Coghill. Take a look below...

The Walk-In characters who''''s who

Here''s a look at the six main characters from The Walk-In...

Matthew Collins (Stephen Graham) The former far-right extremist understands how white power organizations operate, but believes that National Action is the most hazardous organization he has encountered.

Alison (Leanne Best) Matthews'' partner and his two young children have become habitually moving houses in order to avoid revenge attacks by Matthews'' previous counterparts.

After attending one of their demonstrations, Robbie Mullen (Andrew Ellis) The ill-prepared young man finds himself being drawn into the world of National Action. "Ive known Andrew for years and worked with him on This Is England," Stephen Graham told us. "He was always a different person when he was in character, because his whole self-driving would completely transform!!"

Jack Renshaw (Dean-Charles Chapman) A young and committed member of National Action, Jack is a rising star of the organization and inspires new recruit Robbie with his passion remarks.

Chris Lythgoe (Chris Coghill) The leader of National Action believes that the organization can gain lessons from Islamic terrorists'' strictness and that drastic action is necessary to protect the white race.

Nick Lowles (Jason Flemyng) Nick works for Hope Not Hate alongside Matthew and believes the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in the run-up to the EU referendum will result in further attacks.

The Walk-In episode guide (with spoilers)

Here''s how we''ll be releasing six episodes for the first time, so make sure you keep an eye on them. Of course, if you want to avoid a few spoilers, read it now!

Episode 1: Monday October 3, 9pm Matthew Collins (Stephen Graham) is determined to make changes for his past by attending a National Action campaign, but now he knows what he''s up to, and he''s still concerned about reprisal attacks on his partner Alison (Leanne Best) and their children from the right-wing thugs he used to call friends back in the 1990s.

Episodes 2 to 5. We''ll be updating as the series progresses, so please keep an eye on it.

Locations and more about The Walk-In

The drama has taken place in London and surrounding areas. It is executive produced by Tom Dunbar (, alongside screen writer Jeff Pope (,) and by Jo Johnson (). It is directed by BAFTA award-winning director Paul Andrew Williams (). It has been commissioned by Polly Hill at ITV.

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