Doc Martin Season 10 of the United Kingdom and the United States, with its cast, plot, first look, episode guide, interview, and more, will be released in 2022

Doc Martin Season 10 of the United Kingdom and the United States, with its cast, plot, first look, e

Season 10 of the Martin Clunes hit drama will be a pain for fans as it returns on ITV in autumn 2022, then premieres with a Christmas special.

The drama set in Portwenn, a Cornish village, has been a regular feature of the ITV schedules since 2004 and has spread across the world, from Spain and Italy, to Scandinavia and Australia.

Martin Clunes, who has played grumpy Dr Martin Ellingham for over two decades, says: "I have enjoyed going to Cornwall for the last 18 years" and I''ve been looking forward to returning this year for the tenth and final series. The people of Cornwall, and Port Isaac in particular, have always been so helpful to us when we are planning the series.

"We have some fantastic story lines for the new series and for the Christmas special, which I hope Doc Martin fans will love. I will miss Cornwall, and all of the lovely people we have worked with. But it is the right time to say goodbye to the Doc and Portwenn.

Caroline Catz, who plays Martin''s wife Louisa Ellingham again, says: "I''m finding it difficult to say goodbye." Martin says, "I will miss Cornwall and all the lovely people we worked with. But it''s the right time to say goodbye to the Doc and Portwenn."

So here''s all you need to know about series 10...

Doc Martin season 10 release date

As part of autumn TV schedules for 2022, the Christmas special will be available on ITV in December. This is an eight-episode series.

On Acorn TV, eason 10 will be available in the United States on Monday October 17.

A celebratory documentary on the past of the final series will be included, but a date for the "last hurrah" Christmas special will then arrive in December 2022 and will be a Christmas TV highlight.

Is there a trailer for Doc Martin season 10?

ITV has not released a trailer for series 10, but we expect it to arrive in the near future, and it will be posted here.

Doc Martin season 10 plot

The Doc decided to leave the General Medical Council after studying his blood phobia at the end of his medical career, and began to wonder whether or not he made the right choice about resigning. A baby daughter, Mary Elizabeth, and a four-year-old sister, are among the people who adopted him in this series.

With Louisa embarking on her new career as a child counsellor in his old surgery, the Doc is literally holding the baby and putting his kitchen table to the task. However, does he really want his previous job reinstated?

As he and Louisa have had a second child, Martin Clunes says, "The Doc has resigned in the last series, and when we start the next season, he''s left holding the baby literally!"

A few new filming scenes have shown Martin standing next to a car on the edge of a cliff! It''s unclear exactly what happens in the scene, but there''s also a shot of a woman at the bottom of the cliff.

Doc Martin season 10 cast

Martin Clunes is returning as Dr Martin Ellingham, the grumpy local GP from Portwenn, a notorious bedside man with a brusque blood phobia. In recent years, Martin Clunes has appeared in a variety of popular shows, including playing DCI Colin Sutton in season 2, on ITV. He has also presented a number of travel shows on ITV.

Caroline Catz returns to play Doc Martins wife Louisa Ellingham, who resigned from her role as headmistress at the local school, and now plays Doc Martins great aunt Ruth. Dame Eileen Atkins has also returned to play Bert Large, with Joe Absolom again playing PC Joe Penhale, Jessica Ransom is the doctors receptionist Morwenna Newcross, and Selina Cadell is the local pharmacist Mrs Tishell.

Doc Martin series 10 guest stars

In Doc Martin''s 10th season, there are a few fantastic guest stars, including Fay Ripley as a poorly mum. David Hayman stars as George Upton who is considering selling his home, while Lesley Nichol (aka Mrs Patmore in) plays keen sea swimmer Irene Moore. Later episodes will be joined by Kenneth Cranham, who plays Louisa''s father Terry Glasson and Hermione Norris. In addition to Vincent Franklin and Beth Goddard, Arthur Collins has moved to Cornwall

Doc Martin season 10 episode guide

Here''s a little extra detail about each episode of series 10, which we''ll be updating every week, so keep an eye on it once more.

The Doc is no longer Portwenns GP and spends his time with his four-year-old daughter Elizabeth Mary. He also whiles away the hours fixing medical papers, rearranging the kitchen, and quietly driving his wife Louisa (Caroline Catz) to a distraction! Elsewhere, the Doc''s former receptionist Morwenna (EastEnders Joe Absolom) has launched a petition to reinstate him, claiming that while the Doc''s formidable aunt Ruth (

As the Doc''s former receptionist returns to her old role temporarily to assist him in the process, she becomes frustrated by the Docs'' loss. "It''s not a job she enjoys because he is extremely helpful with it," says Jessica Ransom, who has played Morwenn since 2011. "It''s not a job she enjoys, since the Doc''s boss, Samantha, gives her an excellent time," says the Doc. "It''s not a job she enjoys, therefore I

On Wednesday, Ben Miller makes a special one-off return to Doc Martin, as a keen park ranger Stewart James, who is going to test run his new survival course." "I love seeing him at various stages, including when he was on Bodmin Moor, and hallucinating a giant squirrel!" Ben, 56, who first played him in 2004 and again in 2005, says of Stewart''s test results. He''s also angry that Stewart''s experience at the GP surgery is deteriorating.

The Doc''s work is ruined by herbalist Jane''s treatment for widow Irene, played by Downton Abbey star Lesley Nicol, and beautician Janice starting a fishy new business! Will Sophie''s shock arrival lead him to completely spin out?

On Wednesday October 5, Louisa Ellingham is stunned to discover her estranged father in her kitchen making a tea. This time, the Doc confronts Louisa, who is unintentionally aware of Terry''s leaving behind. "Shes been great acting with an old friend," says Dame Eileen Atkins, 88. While Terry hasn''t met Terry before, she admits to him, and she makes him appear to be suspicious.

Episodes 6 to 8 Please check back as we update our guide.

In 2022, more information about the Doc Martin Christmas special

"If this really has to be the final series of, we thought we''d also commission a Christmas special," says ITV''s Director of Drama Polly Hill. "We''ll be sorry to see the series come to an end after entertaining ITV viewers for the last 18 years, but we''ll make sure the finale is memorable and memorable," says the author. "We''ve gratified to Martin Clunes, Philippa Braithwaite, and the amazing cast and crew for reimagining such a

Filming Doc Martin in Port Isaac, Cornwall

Thousands of tourists have travelled to Port Isaac''s historic village and its surrounding areas, as well as a special award for tourism to the Doc Martin team. Over the years, Buffalo Pictures has contributed regularly to Port Isaacs village funds. The money has been used by the villagers to assist and support a range of local facilities.

Doc Martin the worldwide hit

The first seven episodes of the series have been written locally in seven territories across the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain, with the drama being sold to 138 countries in total. Various fishing villages in each of those countries are becoming the equivalent of Portwenn.

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