In 2022, vote for your favorite comedy

In 2022, vote for your favorite comedy

It''s been another fantastic year of television, and what better way to get your favourite TV even better than with the opening of our annual TV Times Awards?

The Favourite Comedy entries range from side-splitters to tragi-comedies. But they are all top-class shows. So, choose your must. So, here''s a sneak peek at the 2022 TV Times Awards Favourite Comedy category.

Favourite Comedy TV Times Awards 2022

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TV Times Awards 2022 how to vote

It''s easy to join in the voting process. Click here to see the TV Times Awards online voting page to select from your favourite television shows and stars.

Choosing won''t be straightforward, but here''s a hint of why these comics made the cut...

After Life Netflix

The heart-wrenching but laugh-out-loud teaser for Ricky Gervais returned to Netflix this year for its third and final series. While Tony was on the verge of dying his wife, the cast of funny actors explored internet dating, house sharing, loneliness, and marriage difficulties.

Ghosts BBC1

Despite the many mishaps that have occurred there, Button House, and its stern residents, including a romantic Kitty and a television-loving caveman, are still causing havoc on Alison and Mike. With the house now opening its doors to wedding parties and overnight guests, there was a lot more room for things to go wrong - and trust us, they did! Of course, we all loved it.

Here We Go BBC1

As things fall apart, the beautiful Jessops family has no filter, which makes for some great laughs. Alison Steadman, Katherine Parkinson, and Jim Howick have all given their names. Every, every moment.

Inside No. 9 BBC2

These nine days, a time traveller hoping to save his mother''s life, to a teacher getting a new job at a very strange school, and a look back at those super-creepy information videos from the 1970s, this series gave us a lot to talk about.

Kate & Koji ITV

When Kate meets with an asylum applicant and doctor in a small seaside town, the cafe owner has begun running her business. What follows is a sweet, touching, and very funny first series, we hope!

Mrs Browns Boys BBC1

This show, which stars Brendan O''Carroll as aggressive Irish matriarch Agnes Brown, has had the hearts of viewers for years, and there''s no sign of stopping. Mrs Brown''s favorite hobby is interfering in the lives of her six children, which has horrifying consequences. The BAFTA-winning show is a hit everywhere in Australia!

Not Going Out BBC1

After twelve episodes, the comedy starring Lee Mack as his sad dad and wife shows no sign of progressing. This fun show, combined with a variety of visual aspects, allows you to live plenty of life. We''re very pleased with it!

Sandylands Gold

Sandylands re-imagined Emily Verna as her ex-wife, Les Vegas, after her son was lost at sea in this hilarious comedy. With a cast of funny characters, including Sophie Thompson and Hugh Bonneville, Emily was honored in the second episode. She was also welcomed by Tracy-Ann Oberman as Emily''s mum, Donna Vegas. Fantastic stuff!

The Other One BBC1

Catherine Wallcott, known as Cathy, discovers she has a half-sister, known as Catherine after her father''s untimely death. The show was written and developed by Holly Walsh who got the notion from a true story! The sisters'' mishaps as they get to know one another and the second series revealed they also have a brother - Callum!

The Outlaws BBC1

The poor-matched group of ''outlaws'' who paid the community for their return returned to our screens for a second series. After the small issue with the whole gangs/drugs/guns thing in series one, Greg and the crew, along with Christopher Walken, fought back to their homes.

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