Vote for your favourite comedy performance at the TV Times Awards in 2022

Vote for your favourite comedy performance at the TV Times Awards in 2022

Another fantastic year of television and what better way to remember all your favourite TV than by the opening of our annual TV Times Awards?

Everyone who has selected one of these entries in the Favourite Comedy Performance category deserves to win. So when you choose between them, it will be difficult. So, here''s a list of the 2022 TV Times Awards Favourite Comedy Performance categories.

2022 Favourite Comedy Performance TV Times Award

  • Brenda Blethyn
  • Okorie Chukwu
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Lee Mack
  • Brendan OCarroll
  • Steve Pemberton
  • Charlotte Ritchie
  • Reece Shearsmith
  • Kiell Smith-Bynoe
  • Alison Steadman

TV Times Awards 2022 how to vote

Participation in the voting is simple! Just head to the TV Times Awards online voting page to select from your favorite television shows and stars.

It''s not easy to choose a comedy but here''s a good example of why these performers made the cut...

Brenda Blethyn Kate & Koji

Brenda Blethyn, one of Britain''s most versatile actors, manages to shift seamlessly between drama and comedy. Her performance as cafe owner Kate, forged a sweet, funny friendship with asylum seeker Koji, has brought a real spark to the show - and a lot of laughs.

Okorie Chukwu Kate & Koji

Okorie may only be in his mid-twenties, but he''s already made a name for himself on screen and on stage. With credits including and under his belt, Okorie threw his hand to comedy as Koji, and proved he could do that!

Ricky Gervais After Life

Tony is often unlikeable and brusque, but there''s a soft side to him, and somehow Ricky Gervais captures the pain of bereavement - along with the anger - in his performance. It''s not always an easy watch, but Ricky''s acting skills make it an even plus fun.

Lee Mack Not Going Out

We''re fairly certain there''s a lot of Lee Mack in his alter-ego Lee, but we''re totally fine with that. His comedy is always hilarious, and his relationship with his co-stars hits exactly the right notes. It''s not the cringe-worthy dad jokes we like best or the physical comedy, but it keeps us laughing.

Brendan OCarroll Mrs Browns Boys

When Brendan O''Carroll was diagnosed with cancer, she appeared in the radio version of the hit show and said she couldn''t play her. Instead, he admitted to playing Agnes Brown, and she said, "We must have learned from it."

Steve Pemberton Inside No. 9

Steve Pemberton, a writer and actor, loves every minute he spends on it. The show, which is a series of stand-alone episodes, has quirky stories, a slew of recognized guest stars, and a host of interesting roles for him to play. It''s a challenge, and he certainly enjoys it!

Charlotte Ritchie Ghosts

Alison is played by Charlotte Ritchie, the owner of Button House, where a group of ghosts live - kind of happily - together. Alison is the only one who sees the spirits which lead to a wide range of comedic mishaps, and she''ll have a lot of fun for Charlotte as she portrays her obscenistic ego!

Reece Shearsmith Inside No. 9

Reece Shearsmith, who plays many roles with gusto as well as his comedy partner Steve Pemberton.

Kiell Smith-Bynoe Ghosts

In, Kiell''s character Mike cannot see the spooky inhabitants of Button House. In real life, Kiell can, of course. And we watch in awe as he tries to keep an eye on his co-stars while he avoids confrontation.

Alison Steadman Here We Go

Alison Steadman is a bona-fide national treasure, and her comedy credentials speak for themselves. She''s definitely one of our fave Alison roles, which includes the family''s worst problems uncovered by son Sam. It''s a laugh a minute.

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